Good For the MBTA

Headline from the Boston Globe’s Metro section:


It is about dang time! I think the B Line is the one that has lost the most money from these free-riders because of all the “poor college students” who think they’re entitled to ride it for free anytime they want. The problem, though, is that it’s also the busiest, which will make struggling to get to the front doors pretty annoying, but unfortunately it had to be done. I am sick of watching the MBTA fall deeper and deeper into debt while all these people sneak on for free. People don’t realize that they are going to lose their precious  “free” subway altogether if they keep abusing it and pushing it further into debt.

And the worst part is that these are probably the same people complaining about the fare increases, which is a whole other story! People need to stop whining about having to pay $2 instead of $1.70. It’s really not a big deal. I know that it may be for some people, but those aren’t the people that I hear complaining all the time. Personally, I’m glad that it’s now an even $2, it will make it much easier for me to keep track of how much money I still have on my Charlie Card.

I think the MBTA chose the best possible solution from their reasonable options. Fares had to be increased, I don’t understand what people don’t understand about this. When food at the grocery store starts getting more expensive people aren’t boycotting in Copley Square because they know that’s just how it goes. It’s called inflation, people. Prices are going to increase every now and then. Even the subway.

But the MBTA managed to cut the fewest amount of services possible to the people who need them the most. So, people need to stop complaining that mommy and daddy are going to have to pay 20% more every month for them to take the T half a mile down Comm Ave. to get to class because they’re too lazy to walk.

(Haha wow..I’m getting a little angry here.)

I must put some blame on the MBTA though too. The B Line has been ridiculous lately. Unless I just pick the bad days to ride it. I only ride the T once or twice a month and it seems that every single time I do there’s some kind of significant delay. But it’s public transportation, it will happen. I’m just a bit worried that this new not opening the back doors thing will lead to even more delays, especially if people don’t know about it.

My biggest thing with the MBTA is the fact that the past 3 times I have gotten on the commuter rail, I have not been charged (I know I shouldn’t be complaining about this, but come on’re swimming in debt!) Leaving North Station they always take my ticket, but on my return trip (I’ll even have my money in my lap ready to pay) the conductor just looks at me and keeps walking. Is it because I’m a young female? Or that I just look like such a nice person? Or they just genuinely think they’ve taken my ticket already? I don’t know. Because it’s not like they ignore everyone who gets on with me. And I know they see me!

Last time, it was only me and two other people who got on, so I’m pretty positive that the guy remembered all of us. Me and one of my fellow commuter rail riders sat right across from each other. The ticket guy came down the hall, took the guy next to me’s ticket, looked at me as I was digging through my wallet for my $5 and then just went on walking down the aisle.

Not a good way to solve your debt problem. If everyone gets away with $15 worth of free commuter rail fare that could really add up. So I suppose the employees are almost as much to blame as these free-riders.

Well, I guess we’ll see how this latest crackdown goes and let’s hope the T starts moving in the right direction financially.


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