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The Dark Knight Rises

I finally got to see The Dark Knight Rises!!

I thought I was the only loser who hadn’t seen the movie yet, but I was already laying in bed in my pajamas with my teeth brushed watching the Olympics when a couple of friends said they were going to see it. I got dressed in record time and sped-walked to the movie theater to get there in time. And I am so glad I did!

I was afraid that with all the hype and the task of having to live up to The Dark Knight that I would be pretty disappointed with the movie, but this was not the case at all.

There were several things that did irk me about this film, but overall I was very pleased. Without a doubt, I still liked The Dark Knight better, but what can you do? Heath Ledger was absolutely incredible! I hate when people say that he only won the Oscar because he died, because seriously? Have you watched that movie??? A phenomenal performance!

But anyway, on to The Dark Knight Rises.

I thought the plot was amazing. I’ve heard some people criticize it for being too boring and not actiony enough, but I really liked it. It was very intricate and interesting. The entire city of Gotham is held hostage for 60 days, with every police officer stuck in underground tunnels, with the threat of a nuclear bomb explosion should anyone even attempt to escape. Meanwhile, Bruce Wayne is trapped in a prison unable to escape as he’s forced to watch his city deteriorate before his very eyes and wait until the days fly by until the bomb eventually detonates. And this all comes about in a really realistic and believable way. This is screenwriting at its finest!

As Wayne desperately tries to escape and save his city, the few heroes who are still free to try to help, commissioner Gordon (Gary Oldman) and Detective Blake (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) plot to figure out where the bomb is located and how it can be stopped. I thought both actors did a phenomenal job in this movie. I love Gordon-Levitt and was very happy to see that he could do this kind of movie flawlessly. I was also pleasantly surprised with Anne Hathaway’s performance as Catwoman. I was a little worried. And I thought at the beginning of the movie she wasn’t the best, but as the movie progressed she definitely got into her element and was a very convincing Catwoman.

Like I said, though, I did have some major issues with this movie. All of them have to do with things that will spoil the ending of the movie, however, so if you have not seen the movie yet STOP READING RIGHT NOW! And go watch it for yourself! This is definitely a movie worth watching and a great piece of cinematic excellence!


***Stop reading if you haven’t seen the movie***

The only real problems I had with this movie were:

A. The fact that he wasn’t actually dead at the end. I hate how Hollywood thinks that the main character has to be alive at the end. They don’t. He should have died. That was the point. He would have died saving the city of Gotham. Instead of escaping to Italy to live out the rest of his life in peace with his girl while Gotham most likely got in deep trouble again. It was just dumb. And it was pretty dumb how Alfred wasn’t surprised or happy or emotional in any way when he saw him at that cafe, like he was expecting it after just bawling his eyes out at his funeral. Just dumb.

B. The whole Robin thing. It could have been way better if Joseph Gordon-Levitt had done cooler more Robin-worthy things throughout the movie. Especially at the end. I thought he was going to do something spectacular to save the kids, but instead he just gave up and succumbed to the fact that they were all going to die. I know he did a lot of things to help Batman and the city of Gotham throughout the movie, but I think he should have had a bigger role and done more amazing things to save people to be worthy of being called Robin. He was just a detective doing his job. Nothing spectacular.

C. The character of Bane. Yes, I thought the reveal with Miranda Tate was cool, but that left me asking why was Bane doing what he was doing then? Yes, he wanted to fulfill Ra’s Al Ghul’s plan to destroy Gotham, but why? Why was he so passionate about it? He wasn’t his father. Since he was the main villain for the vast majority of the movie, I felt like he needed to be better developed or have a better backstory that explained everything, even if it didn’t come until 15 minutes from the end of the movie. He just wasn’t a very strong villain (in terms of being well-developed). And every good superhero movie needs an amazing supervillain. Especially coming after Heath Ledger’s The Joker in The Dark Knight. It was a major let down.

D. My final issue with this is the relationship between Batman and Catwoman. The chemistry just wasn’t there. I would have liked to see more sexual tension built up throughout the movie between them so that when they finally got together it was like YAY! Instead of, wow didn’t see that coming. Maybe I would’ve been a little happier with him being alive at the end if I wanted their relationship more too.

So overall, definitely a must-see…but it’s no The Dark Knight. Damn you, Heath Ledger! Why did you have to leave us so prematurely??

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Twin Donuts, Allston – Sunday Brunch

I would like to preface this post by saying that a miracle happened last night. I did something that I haven’t had to do since May. Literally. I had to put on a sweatshirt!! It was glorious! There was a cold breeze coming through my window. A cold breeze!! Okay, I’m done. Let’s talk about food!

There are several breakfast places around Boston that I have been wanting to try for a weekend brunch for a long time now, but they are all just so inconvenient to get to! The Breakfast Club, for example. And The Friendly Toast. One of these days I’ll make the trek to them, but for not we decided to stay close to home!

I found Twin Donuts on Yelp and everyone raved about how cheap the menu was for a LOT of food so it sounded perfect! Amazingly enough, this was the first time I’ve gone out for breakfast in Boston I think since I got to Boston 2 years ago! Which is weird because breakfast is my FAVORITE meal of the day! But usually I just cook it for myself at home if I’m feeling fancy or I’ll go to brunch at the dining hall. But most of the time I just stick to my usual toast with peanut butter/nutella and a banana.

Yay college life!

So Sunday’s outing was MUCH needed after literally 2 months of such breakfast every. single. morning.

We hopped on the 57 bus which let’s you off right next to the diner. AFTER having one bus drive RIGHT by us!! When we were clearly standing right there. And the bus only had a handful of people on it. And it was 10:30 on a Sunday morning! And we were even at one of the main bus stops! Inexcusable! I was so pissed! And it was a Sunday morning so there wasn’t another bus for another 20 minutes. Okay, that’s my MBTA rant for the day.

Twin Donuts doesn’t look like much from the outside.

(Disclaimer: I didn’t take this picture..I stole it from Google Images)

But inside, it’s a little nicer. A little.

However, once you get past the looks, this place is a real charm!

The service was excellent! Our waitress came over with menus as soon as she saw us and didn’t give us 20 unnecessary minutes to look over the menu like some restaurants do. Our drinks came out really quick (and she refilled my coffee quickly too). I was very pleased.

Even our food came out pretty darn quick.

Their menu consists of breakfast pastries (and donuts obviously…for only 75c) and also any other breakfast item you can think of. But my favorite part of the menu was the Breakfast Combos for only $7.00. They came with 2 eggs, homefries, a choice of meat and pancakes or french toast, depending on which combo you choose. I went with the Combo 1: a pancake, french toast, 2 eggs over medium, homefries and corned beef hash.

That is one BIG plate!

And it was all delicious! I was so glad I went with the corned beef hash…so good! The eggs were cooked perfectly and I don’t know what they soak their french toast in, but it was really really good! And the pancake was perfectly fluffy…I just can’t say anything bad about it. And for that price! Can’t be beat!

Our total came to exactly $20 with tip (my friend also got a breakfast combo). Not bad for a Sunday brunch that keeps you full until dinner!

If I ever find myself living near Allston or Brighton, I will definitely visit this place quite often!

My toast and peanut butter isn’t going to taste as good as it use to tomorrow…

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Missing: Wally the Green Monster

I’m still laughing. My twitter feed has been absolutely hysterical over the past several hours. Have I mentioned I absolutely LOVE Boston???







Oh Beckett, if only you actually had thought of that!

I’m not sure how real or staged or anything this whole thing was, but I think it was exactly what Red Sox Nation needed today. I think a lot of people aren’t paying attention to what’s going on in the Bronx this weekend with the Olympics and people to root for who actually have a good chance of winning are taking up the TV.

But well played Red Sox or the Boston PD or Boston Globe, whoever it was. For a few hours on this Friday afternoon after yet another recent loss, the entire Boston community was brought together with the single goal of reuniting the very symbol of our Red Sox pride with our Boston Red Sox.

Not that there can be much better news that a found Wally the Green Monster, but there is also this!

Now let’s go and beat those pinstriped bastards!

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Private Duck Boat Tour

How is it almost August already? How is today the last day of summer Orientation? Why why why must summer end??

So as you can see ( I’m having an emotional meltdown here. This has been one of the best summers EVAH and now it’s practically over. Band is over. Everyone’s going home before school starts. Or heading off to London or Australia for fall study abroad. It is just depressing.

This summer has been amazing. And it has changed me so much for the better. I’m way more chill now instead of super scheduley and MUST STICK TO THE PLAN like I used to be. Now I just go with the flow and I say yes to everything. Have you ever seen Yes, Man? Yup..that’s me. And yes, it has made me a little poorer (and a little fatter) but mostly just way happier!

It’s going to be weird when school starts and I actually have more free time and actually get to sleep again. I think I skipped the vacation part of summer vacation, but I wouldn’t change a single thing about it. I’ve been making money and having fun at work, getting a lot of experience and learning a lot at my internship, and having an awesome time with my fellow bandmates at Orientation!

Speaking of these awesome times, we got the opportunity to go on our own private BU Bands Duck Boat Tour. They even came to our campus to pick us up! You should’ve seen the jealous faces of all the other students walking by. That’s right, we are that cool.

It was a lot of fun. The driver when to high school with our band director so we went on a super long route and just got to see everything and ride wherever we wanted. It was a lot of fun and riding around in a vehicle with the wind blowing through your hair is WAY underrated! That’s the one thing that I do miss about summer while I’m here in the city. But it was very pleasant. We got to watch the sunset over the Charles and then got back to BU in time to enjoy 25 cent wing night at T’s Pub. Something I never would’ve done before this summer! Because I would never eat dinner later than 7 and I would definitely never go out when I had to get up early the next morning! And boy, would I have been missing out!

Did I mention I’m getting fat?

So yes, I know it’s only July 27th, and I’m already pretty much saying goodbye to summer, but the best part for me ends today. I can’t wait until next year, but I’m going to miss the seniors like crazy! Band nerds for life!

So here are some of the pictures I took of Boston on our tour:


Part of the Berlin Wall.


Into the water.


A fellow duck!


The Hatch Shell.


A cool view of Beacon Hill and the State House.


BU in the distance.


Love this picture of Faneuil Hall!


A beautiful time of night to be driving through the city!


Love them!

Have a fantastic weekend everyone!

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A Rant About the MBTA

Can I take a minute to vent about the ever-reliable Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority?

Well, it’s my blog. So yes. Yes, I can.

But seriously. What is up with it lately?

I understand that they have problems, but I have seen a significant increase in crappy service and awfully slow service in the past two weeks. It’s awful! It’s been taking me ONE HOUR to get from Government Center to a few stops in on the Green Line. A trip that could take 20 minutes, but I’d be happy with 30-45. I understand that I’m traveling during rush how, but for real. An hour? There’s no reason for that!

And it never used to be like that! All summer I’ve had plenty of time to get from my internship downtown (that I leave at 5) to band practice at BU at 6 and still have like 15 minutes to chill out and eat my dinner. But for the past two weeks…not the case. The MBTA has forced me into becoming one of those people who disgustingly eats her dinner in the middle of a crowded subway car. I apologize to everyone who has been standing next to me and had to smell my Subway or pretzels and hummus as I panickly inhale it as I realize that I’m going to be really late for band practice. But I can’t go until 9 o’clock at night without eating.

And the thing is, it’s not even just slow service! It’s annoying choices that they make! Like when they decide that the B line is only going to go as far as Park St. But they only announce this ever 15 minutes after several other lines have gone by and you’ve missed about 3 B line trains that have left Park. Unacceptable. Every single car that comes through should make an announcement saying that if you are looking for B Line service, get on and take this train to Park St. Come on, guys!

And then every single train that I get on ends up going express once I get above ground! I understand their reasoning for this, but hears the thing: You make half of us all pile out and wait on the platform for the next train that you promise is “right behind us that’s making all street-level stops,” but then when that train finally comes, it’s so jam-packed with people that only a few of us can actually get on this one. Delaying us even more.

It is so frustrating!

And it always seems to happen when I’ve just had a really crappy day and only when I’m in a hurry to get somewhere. Tonight…I have nowhere to be after work. I’ll bet you my life savings that I’ll get home in 20 minutes.

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A light at the end of the tunnel with Clay Bucholz


Clay Bucholz is back and he is actually back.

Last night’s pitching performance was EXACTLY what Red Sox Nation needed to hold on to our tiny sliver of hope for just a little longer. Finally, a pitcher who can prove that he’s worth his salt!

(Now seriously, can we put Lester and Beckett on the DL now? Or just the bench? Just give them some beer and fried chicken…I won’t even be upset about it anymore.)

And why the heck is Lester starting against the Yankees?? For the love of God! I can’t handle all this embarrassment and that is exactly what this will end up being. He is out of second chances. So why, Bobby V? Why??

But anyway. Thank you to our offense for showing up to a majority of the games lately. It’s wonderful what they can pull when they have a reliable pitcher helping them out on the mound. It shouldn’t have to take 7 runs to win a baseball game, and a baseball game CERTAINLY shouldn’t be lost after scoring 7 runs!

So thank you Aviles. And Crawford, Gonzalez, Ellsbury. And I really hope that you start getting the support you need from the bullpen to pull us permanently out of this 10 month rut. One can only hope.

On a much happier note (sorry). This picture made me burst out laughing with happiness and glee.


Enjoy the DL, ARod.

That is all.

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Paris Creperie: A Perfect Sunday Brunch

Now that the Paris Creperie food truck doesn’t come to BU for Sunday brunch anymore (sad face), I have to go all the way to Coolidge Corner to their cafe if I want my Sunday crepe fix. And it should tell you something that I’m still willing to do this, because man this stuff is good!

And I have to say…I’m very proud of myself! I finally ordered something new there!

I’m the kind of person who, when they find out they really like something at a restaurant, they order it every single time they go there because they know it’s going to be delicious!

Now I’m well aware that there are many delicious things on the menu, but I would always find myself craving that dang French Toast Crepe with Bananas. It is too DIE for!!


And when you cut into it, the maple syrup just seems to appear as you go! More and more just keeps coming and it is the absolute perfect amount! Even for a maple syrup obsessed person like myself.


It’s a delicious combination of eggs, maple syrup, brown sugar and your fruit of choice (bananas, duh!).

But alas, after ordering this crepe everysingletime I went there since I discovered it, I finally ordered something new!

I never really like the idea of a savory crepe. I just always saw crepes of being super sweet with fruit and nutella and brown sugar and the works. But I finally tried a savory crepe at the Paris Crepe truck at Sunday brunch one day when I was STARVING after moving into my apartment all morning!


It was a tarragon infused crepe with ham, egg, brie, potatoes, mushrooms, onions, and freakin deliciousness! It was (and still is) the best crepe I ever had! Which is one of the main reasons I’m very sad that they don’t come to BU for brunch anymore. So as far as savory crepes go, I was hooked! I think it’s the herb-infused crepe that does it for me. I could eat just that and be completely satisfied!

So anyway, fast forward to last Sunday when one of my friends from NYC was visiting for the weekend and I needed to impress her with Boston’s food. Not easy to do with someone hot off the bus from NYC. We ended up walking to Coolidge Corner, where I got my second savory crepe ever and NOT the french toast crepe! Yay me!


So let’s talk about this crepe. It was a rosemary infused crepe with chicken, brie, mushrooms, and onions. Yum! I don’t think I’d ever had brie cheese before Paris Crepes came into my life either and that stuff is good! And they are quite generous with it in their crepes!


And that rosemary infused crepe, let me tell you. So good!

Perfect for brunch. (But if you’re in the mood for something sweet…FRENCH TOAST WITH BANANAS!) You won’t be disappointed.

Oh and one last thing.


Nutella. Smoothie.

Just do it.


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