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I Can’t Even Be Mad At That – Celtics

But I can however be completely and utterly heartbroken. Let’s just say Rajon Rondo…thank you! Absolutely phenomenal performance! Thanks to him, the announcers couldn’t even confirm a win until there was less than 3 seconds left in the game. They should have been out of it at the minute mark.

I thought it was going to be a perfect night last night. I mean, the Red Sox won, the Kings won in overtime (and I actually saw the winning goal while flipping back and forth between hockey and basketball), and I thought the Celtics might just pull it off.

44 points. 3 incredible 3-pointers at the end. 53 minutes played. Rajon Rondo scored ALL of the Celtics’ points in overtime. That is ridiculous!

Now, we can blame the refs all we want, but sadly it won’t change anything. Should that have been a foul against Rondo? Absolutely. But it’s NBA basketball…these things happen. And the game should have been about 130-99 at this point anyway and it wouldn’t have made a difference.

There was a poll on ESPN this morning asking why the Celtics still lost…

Of these 4 choices, I might have to go with Rondo not getting enough help. Yes, the refs made a few mistakes, but that’s sports. I definitely do not think they ran out of gas at all!! Did you see Rondo? He played the entire game and definitely did NOT run out of gas! And are the Heat a better team? Without a doubt. But that is in no way the reason that we lost that game. The Celtics played the better basketball game, no question.

And the message was sent to Miami: this is not going to be an easy 4 game sweep. I’m excited to see what the Celtics have in store for tomorrow. With the help of nearly 20,000 of Boston’s craziest and loudest fans, it will definitely be another amazing game.

So what do you think, what’s the biggest reason the Celtics lost Game 2?

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Good To Be Back

I’ve been back a few days now and I have to say, it’s good to be back!

I got to spend the weekend on the North Shore with my family. Chilling by the beach and grabbing lunch at fancy pants yacht clubs and the likes. (It pays to have rich relatives sometimes).

Side note: Grown Ups 2 was being filmed literally right behind my aunt’s house on Friday! (Of course the day before I got there =[ )

Check out these pictures she took!

Adam Sandler saying Hello!


David Spade reading his script, no big deal. Why can’t this awesomeness happen when I’m there??

Anyway, I got to see the house that is going to be David Spade’s bachelor pad and even got my picture with it, which makes me kind of famous, right? Right.

So back to Boston…

I spent Memorial Day getting a sunburn out on the BU Beach and decided to take a stroll down to the Commons to see the all the flags. I’m glad I did. It was beautiful and very touching. I cannot not thank our soldiers (past and present) for everything they have done for this country.

That is all. Hopefully I will be able to view another beautiful sunset outside my window again tonight. Happy Wednesday everyone!

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An Embarrassing Week for Celtics Fans

So I haven’t posted in a reallyreally long time. And I’m sorry. But I have a very valid excuse. I went home for the past 3 weeks, so I can’t post on my blog about Boston when I’m not actually in Boston. Especially since there’s nothing to say about the Bruins (sad face), I can only complain SO MUCH about the Red Sox, and quite frankly..the NBA bores me.

Alas, I am now back in the best city in the world and now I am about to completely contradict myself by dedicating an entire blog post to the Celtics.

I’m only a Celtics fan by default, I don’t actually care about the NBA. However, I do watch it during the Playoffs because that’s when it gets exciting and such. (Hello, Game 7 this weekend?? Excellent game). Fast forward to last night though…

I mean, really!?!

There is no other way to describe it but downright embarrassing. Dear God, I hope the next 3 games don’t go the same way. I understand that the Heat are better than the Sixers, but still! There were a few airballs! AIRBALLS! In the NBA? What?

And let’s talk about Ray Allen missing 2 of 3 free throws after he was fouled. One of the best free throw shooters in the NBA. Ridiculous.

Even the Red Sox managed a win last night!

Now, this isn’t to say that they Heat didn’t have a little (a LOT) of help from the refs. Seriously guys, the Celtics don’t need your help losing, they’ve got that covered all on their own.

They need to just keep the sloppy mistakes to a minimum. (No more airballs or missed free throws, please).  And keep the turnovers to a minimum. I don’t think they are completely out of it yet, but if last night was any indication of the how the rest of this series is going to go, I’m going back to not caring about the NBA.

So I’m begging you, Celtics, please! This is the last thing I’ve got to look forward to until football season! Pull it together!

There was an article on about how the Celtics believe they can win, but the fans don’t. However, at the end of the article there was a poll asking if we still believed the Celtics could win this series after watching Game 1 and here were the results so far…

I won’t tell you which one I voted for, but let’s just hope that the majority of Bostonians are right.

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Josh Beckett Is Dead To Me

Dear Josh Beckett, you used to be my hero. For real. You were my favorite player. I only had one Red Sox shirt with a specific player’s name on it and it was yours. Guess where that shirt is now? In a plastic bag in the garage ready to be shipped off to the kids in Africa. And I even feel guilty for giving it to them! Because I would never be caught dead in it ever again.

I just don’t understand. What happened? I could crack a million fried chicken and beer jokes, but really. It’s a difficult thing to be the most hated man among Boston sports fans. ARod would probably get less Boos than you are getting right now. You’ve even become a meme!

So tell us Josh, what’s it going to take for you to actually care again?

You’re talking about fans who watched the Patriots lose to the Giants (again) in the Superbowl, were heartbroken when the Bruins didn’t even make it past the first round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs, and are nervously watching an inconsistent Celtics team struggle through the NBA Playoffs…give us something to be happy about!

#FreeTheBagGuy should not be trending in Boston. That means people are ROOTING for the guy that showed up to Fenway Park and sat himself right behind home plate with a paper bag over his head for all the NESN cameras to pick up. Oh…and this was a nationally-televised game. Sox fans should be outraged at this guy. But instead, he received a bigger round of applause than Beckett has in his past 3 starts.

I know Beckett isn’t solely to blame. But it’s getting a little difficult to keep up with who should be blamed this week. Pick it up boys. We could stay loyal for 86 years, but this…I give it a couple more weeks before you’ve lost us for good.

Someone posted this picture on Tumblr from Spongebob. I couldn’t agree more.

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Seriously Red Sox?

Could you please just win at home when all your (stupid) devoted fans are in the stands cheering you on? I mean, honestly. Thanks a lot, because now, what did I get my mom for her birthday? I took her to a Red Sox game where we sat through 17 freaking innings only to watch you blow it and lose! I am daughter of the year.

But I guess I should thank Middlebrooks. It’s not everyday that you get to watch someone hit a grand slam in person. But then he hit a ball along the left foul line into the left field corner of death a few innings early and half walked to first base because he thought it was going foul. Well guess what? It was fair. And he could have easily gotten at least a double, if not a triple.

But I guess it’s time to move on and stop living with ‘what if’s. It was still a fun day (even with my severely sunburned face).

We had seats pretty high up in the bleachers, but for $30 it was perfect. We could see just fine and we were in the sun, which was quite welcome when the 40 degree wind started blowing.

Bucholz warming up. Action shot!

I love Peddy! He is the only one who acts like he still gives a damn whether they win or lose. He gives one hundred percent every game. (Even if he gets thrown out at second his first time on base)

Here’s a hit!

This is what I look like after 16 innings of baseball and being severely sunburned. Fun fact: there’s a second 7 inning stretch at the 14th inning. I hope for your sake that you never figure this out in person.

You should not be seeing the sun set in your face at a 1:30 game. It just shouldn’t happen.

Even though the players seem like they’ve all but given up, it was still a fun day. You can’t not have fun at Fenway! But still…come on guys! Do your job. There is absolutely no reason that two batters should strike out when their PINCH HITTER IS PITCHING!!! Just embarrassing.

And Mr. Third Base Coach. Seriously??????

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What A Difference A Week Can Make

One week ago today I was waking up, hoping I had dreamed (nightmared?) the events of the previous night and in fact, the Bruins HAD won in overtime and it was the Capitals who were on their way home after a short playoff run.

Alas, it hadn’t been a dream.

So it’s ironic, that exactly a week later, I found myself in a similar position. Wednesday night, overtime, the Washington Capitals, a relentless Braden Holtby. The major difference: this time I was rooting FOR the Capitals. The similarities: the team I was rooting for lost and I went to bed sad.

Oh hockey, if only you realized the power you have over my emotions.

I can’t believe it’s already been a week. Reality has finally sunken in though.

(And what’s up with the Red Sox losing now that half of New England is now watching them again? Come on, guys! I appreciate you trying to ease the pain of the Bruins loss, but you can keep it going.)

At least hockey is just so damn exciting that the Playoffs are genuinely entertaining regardless of what team you’re rooting for. Just turn on a game, pick a team to root for and go! You’ll still enjoy yourself. I mean, I don’t particularly like the Capitals and I DESPISE the Rangers, but that was still a fantastic game to watch last night.

We all need something to hold us over until October.

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Zinga! Frozen Yogurt

I have a problem. It’s called frozen yogurt. Seriously…that stuff is delicious. And now I have discovered a place within a ten minute walk from where I’ll be living all summer that sells delicious frozen yogurt BY WEIGHT! Which means…you are given a giant cup and you can then go fill it up with as many and as much of the 12 flavors of frozen yogurt they have.

AND THEN you can go top it off with one of the 5,000 (slight exaggeration) toppings that they have, which range from everything from fresh fruit to Oreos to cereal.

And then you go set your giant masterpiece of fro yo and toppings on the scale and pay based on how much it weighs.


This place is called Zinga! (exclamation point is included in the name). And it is right in the middle of Kenmore Square. The place was very cute with bright, neon colors everywhere and a very friendly staff who made sure I knew exactly how to fill up my giant bowl with all sorts of delicousnesses.

For my first visit, I went with the blueberry tart yogurt and piled on a LOT of fresh berries, mangos, and kiwis. Delicious! The yogurt was perfect, it wasn’t too sweet but also wasn’t too tart where I felt I needed to add some Oreos or something sweet to make it edible. I was very impressed. And I’m picky about my frozen yogurt.

There are 12 flavors out every day and apparently they rotate through different flavors on a regular basis. I will definitely be returning quite frequently until I see the birthday cake flavor. And then you can bet that I will be returning every single day until it goes away again. Because let’s be honest…birthday cake flavor anything is just downright amazing and it’s practically healthy to eat birthday cake if it’s in frozen yogurt form. Right? Right.

I’m not exactly sure what the price per ounce is, but I filled my cup up to probably the size of a small at a normal fro yo place and then piled on a lot of berries and it only came to $3.67, which I thought was very reasonable.  Without the heavy berries it probably would have been very cheap.

And don’t limit yourself to just one flavor per cup either. The possibilities are endless. Go crazy!

And I just saw Pistachio on their menu too. Gah! Those tricky devils know exactly how to keep me coming back again and again until I can try every single flavor. Good thing I’ll be here all summer. Zinga…I accept your challenge!

What’s your favorite fro yo/toppings combination?

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