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Hooked on a feeling

Monday night was in the top 5 best nights of my life. It took 2 postponements, almost a month and 3 overtime periods, but BU finally won its 30th Beanpot. Finally. A Boston tournament, previously referred to as the BU invitational, finally saw a BU victory again for the first time in 6 years. The Class of 2013 was the first class at BU since the Class of 1965 to not see a Beanpot win in their four years. The Class of 2014, my class, was the second.

But the streak has broken. And will never exist again. We had to watch as Wade Megan and Garrett Noonan fought back tears in their post-game press conferences after failing to win a Beanpot in their four years at BU. Evan Rodriguez and Cason Hohmann will never have to know that feeling. No other future BU class will have to know that feeling.


I knew Northeastern was not going to be easy. After not seeing their first win until the 10th game of the season, Northeastern has been climbing in the ranks and the wins column over the past couple of months. As much as I wanted to see our first win in years be against BC, I was still elated when Northeastern beat them in the first round and destroyed their 6-game winning streak. We can save the BC defeat for next year.

We scored early. Which made me nervous. Northeastern scored immediately after. Which was expected. This isn’t a team that takes a solid lead and holds on to it. Almost all of our wins have been come from behind and blowing leads has become our forte. I would much rather be tied or down a goal going into the third. That was our time. But not Monday night.

The most nervous I was all night was during the second intermission with BU up 3-1 going into the third. We don’t do that. We need to have something to fight for in the third. We don’t do the whole hang on until the end thing. I had a terrible feeling that Northeastern was going to win.

And then what we knew was going to happen did. Northeastern scored two quick goals at about the 10 minute mark to tie the game up at 3.

And all of a sudden, the nerves were gone. I can’t explain it, but I knew. This wasn’t a team that was going to lose the Beanpot again. Overtime came. As we all knew it would. And everything seemed okay.

Despite the horror stories I could tell you about overtime at TD Garden, I was okay. The first round against Harvard I was a horrible wreck with head in hands trying to stop from shaking through two grueling overtime intermissions. But Monday night I was alright.

The rest is history. Northeastern took a penalty in the first minute (one that is of course disputed, but clearly a penalty) and Matt Grzelcyk put one past Clay Witt only seconds later. You couldn’t have written a better ending. Bruins draft pick scores at the Garden in front of his dad and current Bruins employee to win the Beanpot in probably his last one at BU. And it was perfection.

The next fifteen minutes is a blur of screaming and laughing and tearing up and smiling and saying, “we finally did it” over and over again.





And then we got to walk down those god-awful TD Garden concrete stairs with smiles on our faces. A feeling I had never known.

The rest of the night only got better as we met up with the team. Got to congratulate them in person and have some fun with the Pot in a way only 6 years of waiting can allow.





And then the Sportscenter highlights of the game came on and I got to witness Matt Grzelcyk chug from the Pot in front of a giant screen showing his OT winner.









And everything was right in the world.




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The Beanpot: End The Streak Edition

The time has finally come.

The reason that the crazy, dedicated members of the Dog Pound make sure not to schedule any Monday night classes during spring registration: the 62nd Annual Beanpot Tournament.

Every year, four “Boston” schools (only two of which have Boston addresses, but that’s an argument for another day) come together at the TD Garden for a two-week long tournament starting on the first Monday of February. This year, the Harvard University Crimson face off against the Northeastern Huskies at 5pm followed by a battle between the Boston College Eagles and the Boston University Terriers at 8pm.

At first I was  nervous upon finding out that the Terriers would be facing the Eagles in the first round, but I’m warming up to the idea. Odds are BU would have had to face the Eagles at some point in the tournament so they might as well get it over with in the first round. Even though the Terriers enter this game down 0-2 against Boston College this season, they are definitely a team that can play up to the occasion. With a very depleted team two weeks ago, BU still managed to put up 4 goals against a dominant Boston College team.

The Beanpot is an entirely different monster. In the TD Garden, in front of a crowd of over 10,000, the Terriers tend to find a way to beat Boston College. Their last meeting in this historic building was for the Hockey East Semifinals last year where the Terriers knocked the Eagles out of the tournament for the first time in 3 years defeating them 6-3.

The Terriers have definitely struggled against the Eagles in the Beanpot in the past few years though. In 2010, the season after the Terriers went on to win it all at the National Championship, the Eagles took back the Beanpot with a close 4-3 win over the Terriers. The following year, the Eagles knocked them out in the first round with a 3-2 overtime victory. 2012 saw one of the most devastating losses in the BU/BC rivalry and by far the most devastating game I have ever seen when Boston College defeated Boston University with 6.4 seconds remaining in the first overtime period after a battle back and forth all game for the Beanpot Finals.

Like the Bruins/Canadiens rivalry game last night, when these two teams get together anything can happen. If history is any indicator, it is bound to be a back and forth, one-goal game with overtime always a very good possibility.

Being my senior year, a Terrier Beanpot win is more important now more than ever. Last year’s graduating class was the first BU class to not witness a Beanpot win since the Class of 1965, and my class threatens to be the second in a row.

If there’s a game that the Terriers have a really good chance of winning this year, though, it’s this Beanpot semifinal game against the Eagles. Boston University usually plays its best in the bigger arenas, as evidenced by past Beanpot and Hockey East tournament appearances at TD Garden and Red Hot Hockey at Madison Square Garden this past Thanksgiving.

Tonight the Terriers face off against the UMASS Minutemen who are only one point above the Terriers in the Hockey East standings. Boston University has historically struggled playing at Mullins Center in Amherst, but a win tonight could be huge in starting the Terriers off on a positive note going into a challenging first-round Beanpot matchup.

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21st birthday with the Bruins and Tyler Seguin

So Tuesday was my 21st birthday. How did this happen? Pretty soon I’m going to be graduating from college and getting a real job (hopefully) and being a real person. How is this possible?

Sorry, I’ll spare you my quarter life crisis.

I ended up having a very tame 21st birthday. I had class at 8am that I had to go to and I just really needed to take it easy after the past couple of weeks. But it was still perfect in every way and I got to spend it with some awesome people. (And you better believe the party will continue on to this weekend because having a 21st on a Monday night should be illegal.)

My mom came into the city Monday night for the week to hang out, come to some hockey games with me and help out my aunt who had surgery.


The last time seeing her “baby” as an under 21 year old. She bought me 21 scratch off tickets for my birthday and I won $18, which is honestly 18 more than I expected, but I was kind of hoping for $21 because that has to be some kind of good luck!

At midnight a couple of friends and I went to Sunset Cantina for tequila shots, margaritas and of course nachos!


What more could you need?

My actual birthday was a little rough because of sleep deprivation and 6 hours straight of class starting at 8am, but I made it through. Going home to birthday cards waiting in the mail and singing voicemails in your inbox makes everything better as well!

After a very short nap, it was Bruins time!

Can I rant for a minute? Is it too late to pull the whole it’s my birthday thing? I don’t care, I’m ranting.

So I like hockey. Really really like hockey. And I know hockey really well. NHL…college…I know hockey. And being a girl who is as obsessed with hockey as I am can be annoying at times because condescending males seem to think you won’t know what you’re talking about. I know my stuff.


I am allowed to have one purely estrogen-fueled favorite player. And that would be Mr. Tyler Seguin.

It didn’t start out that way. When he first came to Boston and exploded in the Stanley Cup Finals everyone was completely behind him and caught up in the excitement, myself included. But then he started to not deliver quite so much in the last year and I couldn’t not still love him. He’s gorgeous. There, I said it.

My first ever Bruins shirt was a Thomas shirt during the 2011 Stanley Cup run. We all know how that ended.

My second Bruins shirt was Seguin. And unfortunately we all know how that ended too.

July 4th, 2013 was a sad day indeed. We made it past the initial trades and I thought we were all in the clear. I was yelling at my friends who were just counting down the days until Seguin was out the door. But they were right. I was sitting on the Esplanade with my friends ready to celebrate one of the greatest days in Boston when I checked my twitter and saw the heart-wrenching news. I was devastated. (And vowed right then and there that I would never buy another Bruins shirt ever again. Good thing my jersey is Bergeron and we’re good there.)

So anyway, that was a longer rant than it needed to be, but case in point: I love Tyler Seguin. He’s a beautiful human being and I miss seeing him in black and gold.

So when I found out that he was making his return to the Garden in a Stars uniform on my birthday, I knew it was fate!


Our tickets were way up in the balcony, but my best friend recently broke her ankle so two of us got to hang out in the accessibility seating area and we were so close! Allowing my Seguin fan-girling to happen so much easier!




And I have to say…seeing my two favorite players in the opening faceoff was the best birthday present in the world.


I don’t even remember who won it, I was just so happy!

All in all, it was a pretty great game to see. I’m so glad I got to see both a Krug and Lucic goal. And yes, I was still definitely rooting for the Bruins! But this sign sums things up pretty well:


I love my Bruins but I’m here for Seguin.

Also, Mike Napoli was in the box almost right behind our seats. No big deal.


Overall it was a great night. I got to have my first legal Sam Adams at the Garden! (Well, kind of since you’re supposed to be 25 if you have an out-of-state license, but my mother bought it for me.)


AND I actually liked it! And not even just a “yeah, it’s good….for beer.” It was actually pretty good! I can’t become a beer-drinker though, then I’ll 100% just be one of the guys.


My best friend, Vic, and I in our upgraded seating. Woo!


I lent out my jerseys to Vic and my mom because I was wearing my Seguin shirt…obviously.

I’ve talked a lot about the experience as a whole rather than the game because it really didn’t matter what the score was to me at that point, I had a blast! (Unlike the last time I was in the Garden.)

Fun Fact: Every single game I have seen in the TD Garden, it has gone into overtime and my team has lost. That is a horribly depressing statistic. But hopefully that’ll all change with the Beanpot this year! And with the BU basketball home opener this Sunday.

So anyway….the game. I don’t know what the problem is but the Bruins need to wake up.

They actually played really well for the first part of the game, but then we all know where it went from there. I have to say, it was so close to being the perfect ending. After enduring the SEGUINNNNNN chants for the entire third period it was pretty nice to hear the silence after he scored. And then Peverly too?? Too perfect. If only we could’ve made some shots too. (I’m looking at you Iginla!)



The wind up.


And that’s a wrap.

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The TD Garden walk of shame

Last night was either the best or worst night of my life.

I still haven’t decided.

See…I was at the TD Garden last night. My best friend, a Blackhawks fan, and I decided that this was a once in a lifetime chance and said what the hell, threw our bank accounts to the wind and splurged on $350 last minute tickets yesterday morning.

I was a ball of excitement all day. This would be a once in a lifetime opportunity. (And the only fun I’d have all summer since I can’t allow myself to spend anymore money.)

And then it was there and it was the craziest, most exciting, most back and forth, high-scoring, amazing saves game I have ever seen. For every time my heart was broken by the silence of a thousand Bruins fans spurred by a puck sneaking past Tuukka Rask, there was another time when a thousand diehard fans flew to their feet simultaneously, high-fiving everyone in sight, waving their flags and just screaming for whoever got one past Crawford. But then the dreaded overtime. I went into panic mode.

Allow me to explain….the last time I witnessed overtime in the TD Garden it was the 2012 Beanpot final game between Boston University and Boston College. BU lost with 6.4 seconds left in overtime. It was heartbreaking. Absolutely devastating. One of the only times I’ve ever cried at a sporting event.

Let me tell you a little something about TD Garden, for those of you who don’t know. When you go in you get to take these fancy little escalators all the way up to the top, even if you’re sitting in the very top balcony section. It’s great. But when you leave, everyone is ushered down these never ending cement stairwells. Down and down and down until you swear to God that there is no way you possibly went up that many flights on your way in. You can’t even imagine how tall that damn building is.

And you know what? I’m sure that descent is the freaking best thing in the world after a Bruins win. But after your team loses, whether it be with 6.4 seconds left in overtime in the Beanpot final or 10:09 left in overtime in Game 4 of the Stanley Cup final, that stairwell is haunting.

It never ends. It’s dead silent. Everyone’s heads just hang as they continue on and on and on. (And then you get the few Eagles fans thrown in there and it really becomes unbearable, but luckily I didn’t have to face that last night.)

That stairwell will forever haunt my nightmares. As soon as we went into overtime last night I started panicking. Major PTSD from the last overtime I had witnessed in that building. But you know what else? I was freaking excited! And that’s the worst part.

I know I saw an awesome game. I know I certainly got my money’s worth with the number of goals scored and the amount of time played. And I know that that’s about as good as it gets for an exciting game of hockey, but it is absolutely impossible for me to see it that way. I honestly think I would rather have seen a 6-0 Blackhawks win than go through that. (Okay, maybe 6-1 so I could experience at least one building-shaking, deafening Bruins goal celebration.)

But that’s the thing. Going into overtime, I was obviously nervous as all hell, but I got excited. Really excited. These are the Bruins. That’s what they do. They fight back again and again during difficult times and always pull through. It’s the Bruins. They are overtime pros and almost never disappoint. And I was there. Most likely the only time I’ll ever get to see a Stanley Cup Final game. How could they not win? What would it be like in this building when that overtime winner slipped past Crawford and the boys in Black and Gold went crazy? How loud would it be as thousands of fans started screaming and jumping up and down and waving their towels and singing that song? THAT would be a once in a lifetime experience.

But as you know, that didn’t happen. Brent Seabrook sent one past Rask 9 minutes and 51 seconds into a nerve-wracking, heart attack-inducing overtime. And that was that. The Garden went silent. Fans leapt from their seats and were halfway out the door in an instant. The Bruins were off the ice before I could blink. And Game 4 was over. My once in a lifetime chance was over.

So I guess I’ll never get to experience the TD Garden go crazy after an overtime win in the Stanley Cup FInals, but I’m still pulling for the chance to experience those boys parade down the streets of Boston in the duck boats past that Boston Marathon finish line. There’s still plenty of hope left for that.

Here’re my pictures from the game:









Marathon victims waving the Boston Strong flag and the giant Bruins flag getting sent around the stadium.


Rene Rancourt singing the National Anthem.





I guess I can keep being his friend for now. As long as the boys in Black and Gold are holding that Cup over their heads by the end of all this.

It really was a great experience. I know that. And it cheered me up a little bit to get home and scroll through Twitter and see all the ‘WHAT IS THIS GAME’ and ‘holy hockey!’ and ‘what is happening?’ Tweets. And I mean, I did get to see Tyler Seguin of all people lay someone out.

But it still seems like every awesome memory I had from last night, at least for right now, is still somewhere back at the top of that long, slow, never ending descent down the cement stairs in the back of the TD Garden.


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