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Hooked on a feeling

Monday night was in the top 5 best nights of my life. It took 2 postponements, almost a month and 3 overtime periods, but BU finally won its 30th Beanpot. Finally. A Boston tournament, previously referred to as the BU invitational, finally saw a BU victory again for the first time in 6 years. The Class of 2013 was the first class at BU since the Class of 1965 to not see a Beanpot win in their four years. The Class of 2014, my class, was the second.

But the streak has broken. And will never exist again. We had to watch as Wade Megan and Garrett Noonan fought back tears in their post-game press conferences after failing to win a Beanpot in their four years at BU. Evan Rodriguez and Cason Hohmann will never have to know that feeling. No other future BU class will have to know that feeling.


I knew Northeastern was not going to be easy. After not seeing their first win until the 10th game of the season, Northeastern has been climbing in the ranks and the wins column over the past couple of months. As much as I wanted to see our first win in years be against BC, I was still elated when Northeastern beat them in the first round and destroyed their 6-game winning streak. We can save the BC defeat for next year.

We scored early. Which made me nervous. Northeastern scored immediately after. Which was expected. This isn’t a team that takes a solid lead and holds on to it. Almost all of our wins have been come from behind and blowing leads has become our forte. I would much rather be tied or down a goal going into the third. That was our time. But not Monday night.

The most nervous I was all night was during the second intermission with BU up 3-1 going into the third. We don’t do that. We need to have something to fight for in the third. We don’t do the whole hang on until the end thing. I had a terrible feeling that Northeastern was going to win.

And then what we knew was going to happen did. Northeastern scored two quick goals at about the 10 minute mark to tie the game up at 3.

And all of a sudden, the nerves were gone. I can’t explain it, but I knew. This wasn’t a team that was going to lose the Beanpot again. Overtime came. As we all knew it would. And everything seemed okay.

Despite the horror stories I could tell you about overtime at TD Garden, I was okay. The first round against Harvard I was a horrible wreck with head in hands trying to stop from shaking through two grueling overtime intermissions. But Monday night I was alright.

The rest is history. Northeastern took a penalty in the first minute (one that is of course disputed, but clearly a penalty) and Matt Grzelcyk put one past Clay Witt only seconds later. You couldn’t have written a better ending. Bruins draft pick scores at the Garden in front of his dad and current Bruins employee to win the Beanpot in probably his last one at BU. And it was perfection.

The next fifteen minutes is a blur of screaming and laughing and tearing up and smiling and saying, “we finally did it” over and over again.





And then we got to walk down those god-awful TD Garden concrete stairs with smiles on our faces. A feeling I had never known.

The rest of the night only got better as we met up with the team. Got to congratulate them in person and have some fun with the Pot in a way only 6 years of waiting can allow.





And then the Sportscenter highlights of the game came on and I got to witness Matt Grzelcyk chug from the Pot in front of a giant screen showing his OT winner.









And everything was right in the world.




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In honor of senior night: Some much needed Thank Yous

Tonight marks the last Boston University hockey game that will be played at Agganis Arena while I am a student here. It is Senior Night at Agganis as well as Jack Parker night where we will all have the chance to honor our coach of 40 years one last time and retire his old number 6 forever. It’s going to be an emotional night for sure.

I still have over two and a half months before putting on my cap and gown and dealing with that emotional roller coaster, but hearing my name announced throughout Agganis Arena as a senior in the band tonight will be very emotional. BU hockey and BU bands have defined my time at Boston University. I’ve spent the majority of my time running back and forth from band and games. I have met my best friends who I will carry with me for the rest of my life through BU hockey and pep band. So thank you to all who have made this an amazing past four years and don’t worry, I will definitely be back in October cheering on both the team and the band from the alumni section.

Going into tonight there are a few people I would definitely like to thank for an unforgettable last four years that I will treasure for the rest of my life.

1. My Family

My family is the reason that I fell in love with sports and the city of Boston. My grandparents grew up in Wellesley and made sure that I was raised a Red Sox and Bruins fan through and through. Growing up in this environment led me back to this great city when it was time to start looking at colleges. However, I would have never even made it to BU without their support, both financially and emotionally. Moving from middle-of-nowhere Northern New York to a major city where you know no one is not an easy transition, but my family was always there for me when I needed someone to talk to or just a bus ticket home for the weekend.

2. Boston University Bands

I owe a lot to the BU Bands. My decision to join pep band ended up being hands down the best decision I ever made at BU. It brought me to hockey and to my friends and to four years full of traveling across the country to various hockey and basketball arenas. I’ve spent enough money traveling to away games these past couple of years, it’s been nice to be in band and get to go to all the home games for free and get to play and jam out with my friends week after week. Band has also forced me to get into basketball. So many of the things I now value began with the decision to join band. All fun aside, I’ve definitely grown as a musician as well. Aaron Goldberg and the entire BU Bands organization have made not only my musical experience but also my college experience what it is.

3. The Dog Pound

Oh, the Dog Pound. A crazy group of college kids who are willing to drop about a thousand dollars on tickets and transportation to BU hockey games throughout the school year. A weekend trip to Michigan back in October literally changed my life. I set out for the 12 hour drive in a car full of people I didn’t know to meet up in Michigan with 20 other people who I had only briefly met in passing. Needless to say, I was petrified. And it ended up being one of the best weekends of my senior year. It’s amazing how close you can come to a group of people just because you’re all crazy enough to embark on that adventure. Without the Dog Pound arranging these crazy trips I never would’ve have strayed from Agganis Arena and gone to my first away game in Durham, New Hampshire and I certainly wouldn’t have flown off to Notre Dame this past weekend.

Even with the team not performing the best, the hockey season is what you make of it and this crazy group of people have made it a truly amazing one for me. They pulled me out of my bubble and somehow convinced me it would be a good idea to hop in a car with complete strangers and drive across the Northeast. And for that I am forever grateful to them for their part in making this a truly special senior year.

4. The BU Hockey Team

Lastly, I owe a huge thank you to the Boston University hockey team, especially the seniors. It hasn’t been the best year to go out on for the Class of 2014, but it’s been an exciting four years. This team has proven to me time and time again that they can play with heart and leave everything they’ve got out on the ice. Even when playing the number 1 team in the country on the road, the Terriers still put up a fight and managed four goals against the Boston College Eagles for the 50+ students who traveled out to see them.

As I’ve said, some of my best memories from college center around BU hockey, including the 2012 Hockey East Quarterfinals that went into Game 3 of the series and two overtimes before Alex Chiasson of the Terriers knocked in the game winner. Or going down to Madison Square Garden for Red Hot Hockey and watching the Terriers hold on to a stressful 3-2 victory over the Cornell Big Red. It would end up being one of the last wins we saw in the season, but who’s counting?

So here’s to Garrett Noonan, Jake Moscatel, Patrick MacGregor, Matt Ronan and Anthony Moccia. Good luck with whatever your future brings you and thank you for giving your all to BU hockey for the past four years. And to the rest of the team, we’ll see you in October for our best season yet!

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The Beanpot: End The Streak Edition

The time has finally come.

The reason that the crazy, dedicated members of the Dog Pound make sure not to schedule any Monday night classes during spring registration: the 62nd Annual Beanpot Tournament.

Every year, four “Boston” schools (only two of which have Boston addresses, but that’s an argument for another day) come together at the TD Garden for a two-week long tournament starting on the first Monday of February. This year, the Harvard University Crimson face off against the Northeastern Huskies at 5pm followed by a battle between the Boston College Eagles and the Boston University Terriers at 8pm.

At first I was  nervous upon finding out that the Terriers would be facing the Eagles in the first round, but I’m warming up to the idea. Odds are BU would have had to face the Eagles at some point in the tournament so they might as well get it over with in the first round. Even though the Terriers enter this game down 0-2 against Boston College this season, they are definitely a team that can play up to the occasion. With a very depleted team two weeks ago, BU still managed to put up 4 goals against a dominant Boston College team.

The Beanpot is an entirely different monster. In the TD Garden, in front of a crowd of over 10,000, the Terriers tend to find a way to beat Boston College. Their last meeting in this historic building was for the Hockey East Semifinals last year where the Terriers knocked the Eagles out of the tournament for the first time in 3 years defeating them 6-3.

The Terriers have definitely struggled against the Eagles in the Beanpot in the past few years though. In 2010, the season after the Terriers went on to win it all at the National Championship, the Eagles took back the Beanpot with a close 4-3 win over the Terriers. The following year, the Eagles knocked them out in the first round with a 3-2 overtime victory. 2012 saw one of the most devastating losses in the BU/BC rivalry and by far the most devastating game I have ever seen when Boston College defeated Boston University with 6.4 seconds remaining in the first overtime period after a battle back and forth all game for the Beanpot Finals.

Like the Bruins/Canadiens rivalry game last night, when these two teams get together anything can happen. If history is any indicator, it is bound to be a back and forth, one-goal game with overtime always a very good possibility.

Being my senior year, a Terrier Beanpot win is more important now more than ever. Last year’s graduating class was the first BU class to not witness a Beanpot win since the Class of 1965, and my class threatens to be the second in a row.

If there’s a game that the Terriers have a really good chance of winning this year, though, it’s this Beanpot semifinal game against the Eagles. Boston University usually plays its best in the bigger arenas, as evidenced by past Beanpot and Hockey East tournament appearances at TD Garden and Red Hot Hockey at Madison Square Garden this past Thanksgiving.

Tonight the Terriers face off against the UMASS Minutemen who are only one point above the Terriers in the Hockey East standings. Boston University has historically struggled playing at Mullins Center in Amherst, but a win tonight could be huge in starting the Terriers off on a positive note going into a challenging first-round Beanpot matchup.

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Giving up hope?

How much can a bunch of college hockey fans actually take?

It’s been a rough couple of months for fans of the Men’s Ice Hockey team. Red Hot Hockey, the bi-annual showdown against the Big Red of Cornell University, proved to be a stellar performance by the boys from Boston back on Thanksgiving weekend, but that has sadly been the last win for the Terriers this season.

The BU men’s team is notorious for having mid-season slumps, but it’s beginning to seem like this may extend a little further than that this year with the sheer number of injuries the Terriers are facing. The last game at UMASS Lowell had the team down to only 4 defensemen with an undisclosed injury to Ahti Oksanen. The team had already been playing with only 16 players with several players are out with injuries including Evan Rodrigues, Jake Moscatel, and star defenseman and Bruins prospect Matt Grzelcyk who just recently returned from playing on the USA World Junior’s team where he served as assistant captain. Also, forward Sam Kurker left the team last week to play USHL hockey for the Indiana Ice.

Despite these several losses, however, the team played surprisingly well tallying up 4 goals against Brian Billet and the Boston College Eagles. The penalty kill unit and defense definitely weren’t at top form, but the Terriers managed to create opportunities and get the puck into the net, a skill they have been severely lacking the past few months.

Unfortunately it was back to much of the same on Saturday night against the Lowell Riverhawks. While the defense definitely looked a lot better, Sean Maguire still carried the team on his back for the second night in a row to bring his save total to a whopping 77 for the weekend. The offense really struggled to get anything going, barely maintaining possession in their own zone for any amount of time. The Terriers registered only 2 shots on goal during the entire first period. Kevin Duane did, however, manage to net a goal in the third to avoid the shutout.

The road ahead isn’t going to be much easier for the Terriers who are facing the Vermont Catamounts twice this weekend in Agganis Arena. The Catamounts are only a few spots above BU in the Hockey East standings, however, they have been playing much better as of late compared to the plummeting Terriers. The possible turnout at Agganis this weekend is worrisome, especially for a 4 o’clock start on Saturday afternoon. Pessimism has been spreading like the plague throughout the Dog Pound and a lot of students are just plain giving up hope.

The following weekend it’s on the road again to Amherst, Massachusetts to battle the also struggling UMASS Minutemen.

I know I’ll be there with about 30 other friends in our Dog Pound community who haven’t missed a single away game this season, no matter how rough it looks. It’s even about time for us to start counting down the days until we fly out to South Bend, Indiana for a double-header against the University of Notre Dame at the end of next month.

Before that excitement though, we will start getting hyped up for the Beanpot which begins the first Monday of February at TD Garden in a first round match-up with Boston College. And by hyped up, I do mean hyped up. I know far too many people who are dreading this first round match-up, but I’ve embraced it. We couldn’t beat Northeastern in the first round last year so we might as well get the most difficult team out of the way first. I’ll have more to say about the Beanpot as we get closer, but I’m very optimistic. After watching how the Terriers played against BC in Conte Forum a week ago with the damaged team  they had, I have no doubt that this team can play with the Eagles and beat them on a stage as big as the Beanpot in a location as big as the TD Garden with fans as dedicated as the Boston University Dog Pound standing and cheering behind them.

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Red Hot Hockey

I should not be writing this right now. I have a final paper due early next week and my weekend consists of work, BU hockey, work, BU hockey, work, and football. So I promised myself that I would bang out most of it today to justify traveling to Merrimack tomorrow and going straight from work to the home game on Saturday night, but honestly I’ve been at it for the past four hours (made decent progress) and now just need a mental break. A break to remind me that I really still do like writing when I can write whatever the hell I want.

Also, I’ve been having major hockey withdrawal since my last game hasn’t been since Saturday night and the anticipation of tonight’s Bruins/Habs game and the home-and-home weekend with Merrimack is slowly breaking me.

So let’s talk about hockey.

Red Hot Hockey.


Red Hot Hockey is a tradition that began 6 years ago on November 24, 2007. It is a much-anticipated, bi-annual matchup between the Boston University Terriers and Cornell University Big Red at Madison Square Garden in New York City over Thanksgiving Break. BU and Cornell are old conference rivals before the Terriers left the ECAC for the Hockey East in 1984.

Red Hot Hockey has brought this great rivalry back to relevancy for us youngsters every two years, drawing a sea of red and white to (arguably–and I’d definitely love to argue this) the best hockey arena in the world: Madison Square Garden


Every meeting is a nail-bitingingly close game with the past two meetings going into overtime, including one tie and one almost win-that-would-have-been for Cornell due to a missing puck that drew a whistle and then somehow ended up in the back of the net. Despite all of this, BU is still undefeated in this new tradition, making it 3-0-1 with an incredibly nail-biting win last Saturday night.

I did not attend Red Hot Hockey in 2011 because I was still young, naive and unfortunately hadn’t quite realized how absolutely incredible college hockey was yet (I still went to all the home games at this point, but certainly wasn’t about to drop $200 for a drive out to Michigan for a couple of games) and thought an extra two days at home would be more fulfilling then a hockey game. Silly, Nicole. And I paid for it because I missed an incredible overtime win.


Needless to say, since last year when I became a serious fanatic, I have been counting down the days until Red Hot Hockey (and Frozen Fenway, but that’s getting ahead of myself). That day finally came Saturday night and I was rewarded with an equally heart-attack-inducing as the past 2 years had offered.


I left home at 8am on Saturday morning to train on down to the big city. I arrived a few hours before the rest of my friends and the band so I spent that time just wandering around that section of Manhattan, circling Macy’s, chilling in Herald Square, eating wafels, and avoiding the Rangers fans streaming in and out of the Garden like the plague.

IMG_0619 IMG_0613 IMG_0618 IMG_0621 IMG_0625 IMG_0626

Finally, my best friend Vic arrived on the Long Island Railroad and we had another hour or so to grab some food and chill out.


There may or may not have been an incident when we passed two guy walking together, one wearing a BC jersey and one wearing a Rangers jersey, and I just looked at them and screamed Ewwwwww! Noooo!! at them. If this did actually happen, I can tell you that they found it rather amusing and returned the Ew sentiments at our BU gear. This also may or may not have led to me passing in front of MSG again right as the game was letting out (after a Ranger win and a Kreider [former BC player] hat trick) yelling LET’S GO BRUINS! because we had beaten them the day before. But again, my brain was in such a cloud of RHH excitement that I can’t say for sure…or be held responsible for any hockey-related actions.

Finally, it was game time.

Vic and I waited in the hotel lobby for the rest of the band to join us and got a wonderful show as the entire hockey team walked out through the lobby heading to the game. We admired their beautifulness and hurled good luck vibes at them. Then we performed a small set outside the Garden for some BU parents and alumni, a larger set inside the garden at a special BU alumni cocktail hour and then half of the band, myself included, went to take our seats in what was still an empty Garden while the rest went to perform in the lobby.


We even had personal TVs in our section! Perfect timing for watching the end of the Alabama-Auburn game too!


This part’s a blur. It was the longest hour of my life as we waited over an hour for puck drop and went through the standard pre game procedures. The crowds began to pour in and MSG became a sea of red.


The majority of which, we would later learn, were rooting for Cornell.


But it’s okay. It probably evened things out with how loud the good ole Dog Pound can be.

BU came out to an early 3-0 lead and we were put to the daunting task of holding on to this great lead for a good 40 minutes. Words cannot even begin to describe how incredible Matt O’Connor was in net. He made incredible save after incredible save. The ECAC refs certainly tried to give Cornell back the game with penalty after penalty called against the Terriers (most of them being pretty bullshit…not being biased). But the Terriers killed every single penalty against a Cornell power play unit that is second best in the country. It was incredible.

The Big Red did manage to put 2 goals on the board toward the end of the third, giving us the nail-biting, heart-attack-inducing ending that we knew and expected from a Red Hot Hockey game. And another Terrier penalty with almost 2 minutes left in the game meant we would be playing 6-on-4 for the remainder of the game. But we Ole’d and screamed our hearts out and O’Connor held on like the clutch goalie he has definitely proven to be over the past several games and there was a collective sigh of relief from 25% of the Garden as soon as that final buzzer finally sounded.

Did I mention the Big Red had 39 shots on goal and BU had 11?


3 of which went in.

And OC stopped 37 from Cornell.

Yeah, we all lost several years off our lives from that one.

But hey…all’s well that ends well.


And boy, did this end well!

So former coaching legends at Boston University and Cornell, Jack Kelley and Ned Harkness, respectively, agreed that this year’s winner would determine the name of the new, shiny piece of hardware they would be giving out to the winner of the game at ever Red Hot Hockey from here on out. The Kelley-Harkness Cup if BU won or the Harkness-Kelley trophy if Cornell won. I think it should have been just the Kelley or Harkness Cup to really up the stakes, but oh well. And I tell you, I would’ve been really pissed if the first time Cornell ever won this thing was the year they get the damn trophy named after them! But everything worked out well and we got to stick around long after the Cornell faithful had vacated the Garden with their heads down to watch captains Noonan and MacGregor accept the Kelley-Harkness trophy.



The Dog Pound and band even got a special nod from MacGregor as they were carrying it back to their teammates.

You don’t know how long I’ve waited (four years) to see this team take a picture like this:



And I am convinced I will get to see it at least one more time at the Beanpot this year. And the Hockey East tournament. And the NCAA championships? Getting too far ahead of myself? It’s my senior year, come on!



I’m pretty disappointed that this game wasn’t televised because the Islanders were on MSG (do people really care about them?) and no one else picked it up because the world unrightfully hates college hockey. So the only highlights we’re left with from the game are from Cornell Athletics and it leaves out oh so much! Like the many INCREDIBLE saves by O’Connor or the entire last 3 minutes of the game. I want to relive it again and again!

Oh well, at least I got to experience it in person.

After the game we had several hours to go crazy around Manhattan so I met up with some of my non-band friends and chilled at a pub, vastly outnumbered by Cornell fans, but it was fine! They all left long before us and we made some new friends who came over to us (clearly, crazy hockey fanatic people that we are) and asked if they could hang with us because we were obviously better than being near all the Big Red fans.

Good times.



AND I got to have my first legal drink with my best friend! Vic turned 21 a week after me and we’ve both been so busy lately that we never got the chance to go out together so it was great! And I made it back on the band bus in time and in one piece, so we’re good!

It was definitely a night to remember!

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A trip for the ages

Exactly one month ago I returned from one of the best weekends of my life.

2 hockey games, 4 days, 5 states, 32 hours in a car, no sleep.

It truly was a trip for the ages.

Allow me to recount the story of 30 clinically insane college students who from the moment they received the hockey schedule last spring began planning a road trip to Ann Arbor, Michigan for a weekend full of hockey and ridiculousness.


We left Boston on a Thursday afternoon and it was all wide open roads, jokes about how awful Upstate New York is, blinding hail storms, ridiculous construction patterns through Ohio, plenty of Tim Horton stops, and lots and lots of chanting/singing hockey-related nonsense from there on out.


I actually really liked Ann Arbor and the University of Michigan’s campus. It was beautiful!



I often find myself wondering how different my life would be if I had decided to go to a different college. Especially one like Michigan that is all campus and no city. This was one that I could really picture myself going to. Everyone was wearing Michigan sweatshirts and apparel and you could tell school pride and sports were huge.


One major thing that definitely would have been different if I had gone here was that I would have not gotten that into hockey because come on…Michigan Football!



We were fortunate enough to be able to stop by the Big House on a day when there was a little kids scrimmage going on so we could go in and see that monstrosity from the inside.



Honestly, it didn’t seem as big as I thought it would from the inside, but it is still a really cool stadium!



And boy do these people like football! They were cheering for these little kids like it was a Bowl Game! Such a great atmosphere!

Honestly, I could tell you about the hockey games, but they were a month ago and we lost both of them 2-1 in two nearly identical games against two teams we definitely should have beaten. So yes, we drove all that way and spent all that money to watch two crappy losses. So we’re not going to talk about hockey.



I will say, however, that the folks at the University of Michigan were a million times better than at State. They kept thanking us for coming all the way out there and were super concerned that we were going to drive all that way back to Boston. We had barely sat down before an usher came running over saying, “Oh my goodness, look at you guys! I’ll take a picture for you!”



We were also super impressed with their student section! And that is not something that I’m easily willing to admit. They were so coordinated, with several full-on choreographed songs with the band and everything, including Can’t Turn You Loose for almost the entire second intermission! It was pretty impressive.


And, of course, as we walked out of the arena, our heads held high, we got plenty of “Kill State tomorrow night!”IMG_0210

We did not.

And people in East Lansing are no bueno!

We took the early lead (again) and the arena was silent except for our nonsense (namely, singing Silent Night at them) until they started coming back. And then all hell broke loose. People were barking at us. Telling us to go dump tea in the harbor. (And gain our country’s freedom? Don’t mind if we do. You’re welcome.) And all other sorts of ridicule.




Obviously we could take it. But it definitely sucked having to drive the hour back to our hotel in Ann Arbor after that game.

One pretty cool thing about State though was that they have a bowling alley in the basement of their student union! It was perfect for us to kill time before the game started. And I won…naturally.




And we played on lane 13 to bring Captain Noonan some good luck. But we all know how that worked.


With a projected departure time of 7am (for our car at least) we planned on returning to the hotel and immediately going to sleep. That was until we lost. Again. We finally returned to Ann Arbor and after running around a grocery store for about an hour returned to the Red Roof Inn. And then the Red Sox lost Game 3 on a ridiculous obstruction call and we were all riled up all over again and decided that midnight football was a great idea. So midnight football it was! In the Sheraton parking lot across the street (where our team was playing, ironically enough). We played mostly tackle touch football until probably 4 in the morning. It was some of the most fun I’ve had in a long time.



(Dark selfies in the Sheraton parking lot in the middle of a game.)

We then returned to the good old RRI and stayed up for at least another couple of hours eating everything we had bought at the store and being ridiculous. So come 7am (an hour of sleep later) the two who elected to be responsible in our car had to drag us kicking and screaming out of our beds, force us to pack and throw us into the already-hard-to-get-into backseat of her SUV and I was out. Until the end of Ohio.

I made sure that my friend Maddie was willing to drive the first leg before I decided to stay up until 6am, for the record. So yeah, that was the trip home. Being passed out in the backseat for the first half. Putting my contacts in and washing my face in a Starbucks bathroom in Buffalo. Getting food and stretching our legs in Syracuse. And then driving the remaining 8 hours home. Like a champ.

At least we got to listen to the World Series for the end of the trip. And I have never been happier to come around that corner of the Pike and see the StuVi tower in the distance. However, ever since we’ve wanted nothing more than to go back. But that’s okay, there’s our weekend trip to Notre Dame coming up next semester! Although we’ll be flying at least part of that trip. But hey, that just means that zero sleep will be an even better idea!



The beautiful people I got to spend 32 hours in a car with.



And our other friends costumes for superhero night the next weekend at Agganis: Michigan State and Michigan. So perfect.

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College hockey and emotional distress

So the BU men’s hockey team hasn’t exactly been having the best year thus far. (However, this could all turn around 180 degrees this weekend if we were to sweep NoDak. Not entirely likely, but you can bet I’ll be screaming for 120 minutes as loud as I can to try to will it into happening.)

I know the general public doesn’t really care about some college hockey team down on Comm Ave, but for those of us who put our hearts and souls (and hours and bank accounts and sanity) behind this team, it’s been a really long month.

It began with a 30+ hour driving weekend trip to Michigan about a month ago where we ended up losing to both Michigan and Michigan State in basically identical, heart-breaking games. (That was still probably the best weekend of my life up to this point, but that post will be coming in the near future.)

Things started to look up with an INCREDIBLE 4-3 win over Providence at home after going down 0-3 in the first period. The next night we drove on down to Providence for game 2 of the weekend only to come away with another loss, much to the chagrin of the obnoxious and ever classy horrible human beings Providence fans.



Things got much, much worse next weekend after spending an entire week getting pumped for the BU/BC game…the best rivalry in college sports in my humble opinion. We lost 1-5. It was pretty humiliating. But I was 21 at this point, so sorrows were remedied that night.

And then there was this past weekend. A 4-hour drive up to the University of Maine in Orono, ME. Maine is a really fun place to visit if only because of their delicious baked potatoes at the arena and the fact that their students actually genuinely care as much about their team as we do. There were many niceties shouted exchanged across the rink in the hour leading up to puck drop.





Unfortunately this guy’s shirt couldn’t have been more true. It did suck to be us. We lost 0-7. Enter the BU Football chant. It still ended up being a good night because if you know us at all, being down by ridiculous amounts at the end of the game is when our creativity thrives.



We put on quite the show for all the Maine fans. Chanting anything and everything. Oh Canada was sung. God Bless America was sung. I Believe That We Will Win was chanted (and heard on the televised feed) with about 2 minutes left in the game. It was all good fun, but still couldn’t mask the absolute mental beating we had taken by the end of the night. And with a 4 hour drive to go!



Stella’s face in that Snap Chat sums it up perfectly! It sucked. Especially since I was driving.

We got home at 3:30am after a much-needed dinner stop in Denny’s where I INHALED this cheeseburger.



And copious amounts of coffee.

It really sucked.

The good news is that was the last long trip of the semester (and planning for Notre Dame next February is already underway!) Besides Red Hot Hockey, the bi-annual meeting of the Terriers and Cornell at Madison Square Garden in New York over Thanksgiving Break, and I can’t even begin to describe how excited I am for that. Since it’s conception several years ago, every single game has gone into overtime with an exciting overtime win for BU 2 years ago after this goal that would’ve been.

Seriously, what are the odds of that?

This will be the first year I’ve actually gone to the game though, so I would really appreciate a win my senior year. Or the rest of the night in Manhattan/on a bus back to Boston will be a very interesting one. Not that it won’t be anyway.

Here’s to hoping the Terriers can turn this season around. At least a Beanpot win. I can’t go 4 years without seeing one, I really can’t. Even though we are playing BC in the first round. I believe. Us crazy people don’t really have a choice.

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