Patriots fans and ref blaming

Okay, this is something I need to get out and something that will probably gain me a lot of enemies.

At the end of the day, Brady didn’t get the ball to Gronkowski. Not even close. If he had, that call would’ve been made. No doubt about it.

But Patriots fans can never find anything wrong with their precious Brady or team in general so that every loss is blamed on a new person, namely the refs. I may even be willing to agree the Jets game was kind of BS, but if you’re going to fly off the handle on that penalty that was called, accept the one that wasn’t.

Case in point: the ball landed nearly 6 yards in front of Gronkowski in the arms of Greg Olsen. Yes, Kuechly was giving Gronk a nice little hug, but he didn’t force him out of the back of the end zone. Brady had already thrown that mistake of a pass long before he was “interfered with.” It wasn’t catchable. It wasn’t pass interference. End of story.

So let’s move on and look at the real problem. The fact that the untouchable Patriots who excel in Monday Night Football, who are almost untouchable after the bye week, who shouldn’t have a problem clinching a game in the second half, a team who easily could have beaten the Carolina Panthers, failed to come away with a W.

This isn’t to say the Panthers didn’t play amazingly. Cam Newton had a fantastic night! But the New England Patriots that everyone loves so much really shouldn’t have had that much of a problem with it.

Brady only threw for 1 TD. They were held to only 2 total. It took Steve Smith all of 5 minutes to get completely inside Talib’s head. Newton was able to rush for several third down conversions against the Pats defense. Ridley fumbled…again.

And don’t even get me started on the Panthers’ final drive! You do not deserve to win that football game if you allow the other team to put up 7 points after starting at the 17 yard line when you’re only up by 3. That shouldn’t happen. Not by any defense and especially not by the Patriots defense. You can’t allow Cam Newton and the Panthers to kill off nearly 6 minutes on a drive that ends with the clinching touchdown in the final minutes of the game.

There’s a breakdown there far more worthy of discussion than that by the refs or by Brady’s right arm in the final seconds of the game. At the end of the day, the Carolina Panthers were a better team than the New England Patriots on Monday Night Football on November 18, 2013. The Pats have bigger problems than an officiating crew who is allegedly out to get them week after week.

So now can we please all just move on? Brady and the boys will still make the Playoffs, I can all but guarantee that.

Now, it’s time for Pats fans to start worrying about Peyton Manning and the Broncos next week who will put up a far bigger fight than the Carolina Panthers.

When Brady’s walking off the field with his head down next Sunday night, you better believe it won’t be for some BS non-call. It will be because big brother Manning made him look as much a fool as Eli did two Superbowl meetings in a row.


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4 responses to “Patriots fans and ref blaming

  1. eric

    all contraversial calls late in the game should be ruled by the league upstairs as in sanfransico saints game or pats panther game these games were both ruined by bad refs

  2. You are absolutely right. If Ridley could stop fumbling, if guys could stop the unnecessary roughness, and if the Pats defense could actually make some tackles, we could easily have won this game. I also think they should’ve gone for a run instead of a throw on the 3rd and short that was followed by the Pats’ 2nd FG. Then even if it was 4th and short, I think they should’ve gone for it.
    The Pats lost this game long before that final non-call. Still, I do have an issue with it. If a flag gets throw, there should be discussion and/or review.. and if it gets picked up, there should be an explanation. Furthermore, we see plenty of pass interference calls every week where the receiver is just as far away from where the pass went as Gronk was.. and those don’t get overruled.. So why was this one? The Pats should not have been in the position to have to get a TD with a minute left, but I still don’t think the overruling of that pass interference call was right.

    • Nicole

      Okay, fair enough. And I know if I was in your shoes I’d be outraged too, but I can understand the non-call (even though the call also would’ve made sense). But it shouldn’t have even gotten to that point at all.

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