21st birthday with the Bruins and Tyler Seguin

So Tuesday was my 21st birthday. How did this happen? Pretty soon I’m going to be graduating from college and getting a real job (hopefully) and being a real person. How is this possible?

Sorry, I’ll spare you my quarter life crisis.

I ended up having a very tame 21st birthday. I had class at 8am that I had to go to and I just really needed to take it easy after the past couple of weeks. But it was still perfect in every way and I got to spend it with some awesome people. (And you better believe the party will continue on to this weekend because having a 21st on a Monday night should be illegal.)

My mom came into the city Monday night for the week to hang out, come to some hockey games with me and help out my aunt who had surgery.


The last time seeing her “baby” as an under 21 year old. She bought me 21 scratch off tickets for my birthday and I won $18, which is honestly 18 more than I expected, but I was kind of hoping for $21 because that has to be some kind of good luck!

At midnight a couple of friends and I went to Sunset Cantina for tequila shots, margaritas and of course nachos!


What more could you need?

My actual birthday was a little rough because of sleep deprivation and 6 hours straight of class starting at 8am, but I made it through. Going home to birthday cards waiting in the mail and singing voicemails in your inbox makes everything better as well!

After a very short nap, it was Bruins time!

Can I rant for a minute? Is it too late to pull the whole it’s my birthday thing? I don’t care, I’m ranting.

So I like hockey. Really really like hockey. And I know hockey really well. NHL…college…I know hockey. And being a girl who is as obsessed with hockey as I am can be annoying at times because condescending males seem to think you won’t know what you’re talking about. I know my stuff.


I am allowed to have one purely estrogen-fueled favorite player. And that would be Mr. Tyler Seguin.

It didn’t start out that way. When he first came to Boston and exploded in the Stanley Cup Finals everyone was completely behind him and caught up in the excitement, myself included. But then he started to not deliver quite so much in the last year and I couldn’t not still love him. He’s gorgeous. There, I said it.

My first ever Bruins shirt was a Thomas shirt during the 2011 Stanley Cup run. We all know how that ended.

My second Bruins shirt was Seguin. And unfortunately we all know how that ended too.

July 4th, 2013 was a sad day indeed. We made it past the initial trades and I thought we were all in the clear. I was yelling at my friends who were just counting down the days until Seguin was out the door. But they were right. I was sitting on the Esplanade with my friends ready to celebrate one of the greatest days in Boston when I checked my twitter and saw the heart-wrenching news. I was devastated. (And vowed right then and there that I would never buy another Bruins shirt ever again. Good thing my jersey is Bergeron and we’re good there.)

So anyway, that was a longer rant than it needed to be, but case in point: I love Tyler Seguin. He’s a beautiful human being and I miss seeing him in black and gold.

So when I found out that he was making his return to the Garden in a Stars uniform on my birthday, I knew it was fate!


Our tickets were way up in the balcony, but my best friend recently broke her ankle so two of us got to hang out in the accessibility seating area and we were so close! Allowing my Seguin fan-girling to happen so much easier!




And I have to say…seeing my two favorite players in the opening faceoff was the best birthday present in the world.


I don’t even remember who won it, I was just so happy!

All in all, it was a pretty great game to see. I’m so glad I got to see both a Krug and Lucic goal. And yes, I was still definitely rooting for the Bruins! But this sign sums things up pretty well:


I love my Bruins but I’m here for Seguin.

Also, Mike Napoli was in the box almost right behind our seats. No big deal.


Overall it was a great night. I got to have my first legal Sam Adams at the Garden! (Well, kind of since you’re supposed to be 25 if you have an out-of-state license, but my mother bought it for me.)


AND I actually liked it! And not even just a “yeah, it’s good….for beer.” It was actually pretty good! I can’t become a beer-drinker though, then I’ll 100% just be one of the guys.


My best friend, Vic, and I in our upgraded seating. Woo!


I lent out my jerseys to Vic and my mom because I was wearing my Seguin shirt…obviously.

I’ve talked a lot about the experience as a whole rather than the game because it really didn’t matter what the score was to me at that point, I had a blast! (Unlike the last time I was in the Garden.)

Fun Fact: Every single game I have seen in the TD Garden, it has gone into overtime and my team has lost. That is a horribly depressing statistic. But hopefully that’ll all change with the Beanpot this year! And with the BU basketball home opener this Sunday.

So anyway….the game. I don’t know what the problem is but the Bruins need to wake up.

They actually played really well for the first part of the game, but then we all know where it went from there. I have to say, it was so close to being the perfect ending. After enduring the SEGUINNNNNN chants for the entire third period it was pretty nice to hear the silence after he scored. And then Peverly too?? Too perfect. If only we could’ve made some shots too. (I’m looking at you Iginla!)



The wind up.


And that’s a wrap.

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