Boys Like Girls

Yesterday was a great day!

Wednesdays are always my favorite day of the week, but yesterday was extra great because Boys Like Girls was at the Boston Common for free!!!! As some of you may know, all week is the Outside the Box Performing Arts Festival in the Commons. If you haven’t already, I really suggest heading down there and just walking through to see what they’ve got. The whole schedule of events can be found here.

When I found out that Boys Like Girls were coming back to Boston for a free concert, I flipped! They are one of my absolute favorite bands! So I braved the heat to head back downtown for what turned out to be a truly amazing concert!


All of my pictures are pretty bad, but that’s okay because I got to live it. They played a couple of new songs but the majority were all of their old songs and it was great! They even threw in some nods to other great songs like Midnight City, Some Nights and even Hey Jude. And a lot of just guitar and drum jam sessions in between. It was just an excellent show all around.


He invited this guy on the stage to come pump everyone up. It was so funny. Any dance moves the guy from the audience would try, Martin would try to copy it while playing and singing.


He also invited this girl on stage to sing Two Is Better Than One in place of Taylor Swift. I don’t know how she kept it together because I would’ve been freaking out with Martin Johnson singing that song inches from my face, but she did really well.



Paul DiGiovanni jamming out on guitar.


After the show I stuck around for a bit to see if they’d come out and Paul DiGiovanni came over to take a picture with me. He was so sweet and awesome!



(And I definitely managed to keep it together way more than when I met Robert Downey Jr, not that they can really compare. No offense, Paul.)

It was overall a great night and so cool that the team at Outside the Box could bring them back to Boston for free. I briefly walked through everything at the Commons, but it looked like they had a lot of cool different things going on. Head over with the kids or just to grab some lunch and catch a free show or two. And I promise that there’s a nice breeze that rolls through the Commons so you won’t melt too much.

Coming from me, that means a lot.

Have a great rest of your week and stay cool!!



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