Independence Day

My favorite day of the year.

Especially when I’m in Boston.

And this year was no different although it definitely took me on a roller coaster ride.

My morning began as my mother, roommate and I decided to go to Zaftigs Delicatessen in Coolidge Corner for brunch.  As per usual, there was about a half an hour wait time. But that’s where the ordinaryness of our brunch outing ends. As we are about to be seated standing by the door, I notice that the host goes outside to get someone who is next on the list without calling out their name. I didn’t really think too much about it at the time. But then my mom leans in and whispers, “Is that Robert Downey Jr.?” My head whipped up and I stared him down. It really looked like him! I stared for a few minutes, convincing and unconvincing myself, until we got seated a little ways across the restaurant.

His back was to the rest of the restaurant, but his wife and child was facing us. So I did what any sane person would do and made my friends and stepmom and anyone who would answer their phone first send me a picture of what his wife looks like. We then held up that picture to this woman, who had almost no makeup on, and realized that it really could be the same woman.

So we I just kept staring and staring until I officially convinced myself that it had to be him. He has a very distinct look and the staff was definitely acting different.

Needless to say, I was freaking. out. He is one of my 3 favorite actors. But I had no idea what to do. I was so distracted through the whole meal that I downed my food without even tasting it and didn’t take pictures or anything. (So I guess I’ll have to go back again to officially review it when I’m more focused.)

So then he was standing up and leaving so I did what any completely crazy/creepy/fangirl sane person would do and jumped up and followed him outside. The Zaftigs employee who was walking him to his car just glared at me like, ‘walk away!’ But I didn’t.

The conversation that ensued:

“Hi, Robert.”

“Hi, how are you?”

“I’m good. I just wanted to say Hi and you’re awesome/I love you work/ohmygod have my children.” (I still can’t exactly remember what I said here…it’s all a wonderful blur.)

“Thanks. Happy Fourth!”

“Happy Fourth!”

And that was that. Life=Made.

You think you can keep it cool when you meet a celebrity but it is a whole different story when it’s actually happening to you, I was freaking. Hands shaking, hyperventilating, smiling from ear to ear and giddily giggling. Bad.

So yeah, that was my morning. And I should have known that things could only go downhill from there, but I really wasn’t prepared for the devastating heartbreak that was to come.

So me and my roommate, Vic, headed to our standard spot on the Cambridge side of the Esplanade to camp out for the day. We found the perfect spot right near the Mass Ave bridge in front of MIT (and more importantly MIT’s air conditioning and wifi), right in front of the food and ice cream trucks, in the shade!!!!, and right behind this adorable dog.



We sat with our books, music and snacks starting at 2pm for a long, relaxing, hot afternoon. Perfect.



But then tragedy struck.

Screen shot 2013-07-11 at 7.09.25 PM




Chiarelli, why?????

But more on that later.

Back to happier times…




As the day went on I took a few trips through MIT just to cool off in the AC, but it usually made it worst because I felt 15 times as hot once I stepped back into the heat, but it was really nice.

And then it was ice cream time!

My first visit to Frozen Hoagies was last fourth of July and I fell in love. So I was super pumped to see that they were back this year!



And then later I stopped by Chicken & Rice Guys for dinner. Those guys must have made so much money off of hungry Bostonians! They were the only real food truck right there and everyone was going there, but they were cranking that delicious food out like nobody’s business.




And one of my favorite parts of the day is watching the sky and lighting on the buildings change as the evening goes on.






Notice the police boats in all these pictures. They were super strict and really getting on any boats who got near the no-sail zone. But I guess it’s a small price to pay.

One thing I do have a beef with though is the restriction on garbage cans in the area. I get it. They are targets for people placing bombs, but to not have a single garbage can on the entire Esplanade? That’s ridiculous. You’re just asking people to litter and make a mess.

But like I said, I get it. It’s just annoying.

It was really creepy for me to think the entire day that they were supposed to have attacked Boston on that day. Where would it have happened? Would someone I know have been hurt? What would that day have been like? I can’t even imagine. It just really creeps me out to think about.

Okay sorry, I’m done with the sad talk again.

Say hello to glow sticks!! Or should I say, glow earrings!



And then finally, about 8 hours after we sat down, it was firework time!




I wasn’t too impressed with the fireworks this year. Especially the finale. If the entire crowd says, “Is that it?” at the end then it wasn’t a good finale.



My absolute favorite part of the show though was the reflection of the fireworks in the Pru! I don’t know if you have to be at a specific angle or what, but I don’t remember seeing this last year. Check out the video I took and watch the Pru. I was mesmerized!

I hope you all had a Happy Fourth! And be on the lookout for RDJ, he’s out there filming a movie in Boston! Just try to keep it together. Do as I say, not as I did.


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