The Heat: Movie Review

So I’m not really a comedy kind of person. At least not of the kind of comedy that is being spewed out of Hollywood lately. The so-stupid-it’s-funny just doesn’t cut it for me. Napoleon Dynamite, Borat, basically anything Will Ferrell (besides Elf of course), no thanks. I’m just more of an action/adventure/suspense/drama/anything else kind of person. But there are definitely some major exceptions.

The Heat is one of those exceptions that can now be added to my list.

I was very skeptical seeing trailers for this movie. It seemed like the kind of comedy that would only get its laughs from its high ratio of F-bombs to lines of dialogue. Don’t get me wrong, the ratio is in fact incredibly high  (I think Melissa McCarthy says the F-word more than any other word in the English dictionary combined), but The Heat doesn’t rely on that alone to get its laughs. The dialogue in this script is comedy gold and had me laughing from start to finish.

The Heat tells the story of Special Agent Ashburn (Sandra Bullock) an FBI agent who is all about the job and the rule book. Because of this she hasn’t made many friends in her department or anywhere for that matter. She’s vying for a promotion but her boss sends her on a mission to catch a drug lord in Boston as one final test to prove that she deserves it. Enter Detectice Mullins (Melissa McCarthy), a crass, foul-mouthed, larger than life detective for the Boston PD. Mullins and Ashburn are complete opposites who clash throughout the movie. Mullins has absolutely no respect for the rules, but she does care about catching her bad guy, even when it’s her own brother who’s gotten mixed into the wrong crowd.

McCarthy and Bullock are perfect together. Every single thing that came out of McCarthy’s mouth had me doubled over laughing. And Bullock’s transformation throughout the movie from uptight FBI agent to well, you’ll see, was brought to life beautifully. And these two ladies managed to throw in just the right amount of sincerely touching moments that made you truly care for their characters right before they had you doubled over laughing once again.

I would have liked to see more of Boston played out in the movie, but you’ll definitely recognize a lot and McCarthy’s character’s family is classic Boston white trash that will have you practically crying from laughter anytime they’re on screen together. “Are you a nahc?”

The ending was pretty predictable and there were definitely some, errr, strange moments in the script, but overall this was a highly entertaining comedy with an actual plot and characters that you truly care about that will keep you laughing your ass off every couple of minutes.

I highly recommend this movie if for nothing but to make you feel better after a long, rough day. I promise you’ll leave the theater still laughing for another half an hour.


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