It would’ve been perfect…

It would’ve been the perfect ending to a crazy spring in Boston. And a crazy past year for the New England Area. It would’ve been happy.

People would have come from far and wide to get a glimpse of that shiny hunk of medal as it was paraded through the streets of Boston.

The recent absence left behind by the Marathon Bombing Memorial in Copley Square would have been replaced by a sea of Black and Gold.

A city and region that has been through so much tragedy lately would have some newer and happier memories to at least temporarily take their minds off of all of that.

All of New England would have woken up just a little bit happier every day until October.

Game 7 of Round 1 against the Maple Leafs would be looked at again and again and hailed as possibly the greatest comeback in sports history to go on and win the championship.

The series where they swept the #1 team in the conference would have been looked at as the moment that we knew we had something really special going on.

The Boston Bruins would’ve forced a Game 7 in Chicago.

They would’ve shown their true colors in a do-or-die game that they are notoriously the best at.

They would have won the Stanley Cup.

But those things didn’t happen.

The Lockout delayed the season by several months.

Players got injured.

Bad calls were made on both sides.

Really awful periods of hockey were played.

Complete breakdowns that needn’t last more than 17.7 seconds occurred.

Almost six overtimes were played.

An improbable 6-5 game even snuck it’s way in there.

The Stanley Cup made its way to Boston but fans everywhere hoped beyond hope that it would be making one last trip before making its year-long residence here. It didn’t.

The Miracle on the Causeway will be forgotten way too soon just as Bruins fans are appreciating what the Leafs fans went through.

No one will hear much talk about Sidney Crosby for the next several months.

Hockey fans everywhere will slowly start to catch up on their sleep.

And that 35 pounds of metal will be on its way back to Chicago to be paraded through their streets instead of ours.


Words can’t even describe how proud I am of this hockey team. They play with such heart and did everything they could to lift up this city during tragedy. They gave us another reason to stay up into all hours of the night watching TV. Wild police chases through Cambridge and Watertown turned into wild scrambles for the puck from one end of the ice to the other. They brought 17,565 people together to rise to their feet and belt out our National Anthem. They fought like hell to extend their season by 2 extra months to help a lot of the businesses around the Garden regain some of the revenue they lost during a ridiculous lockout. They wore that B proudly on their sweaters and never gave up.

The Boston Bruins did that. And for that I am so proud of this group of men. Only 99 days until the season starts up again. It’s going to be a rough summer and those 17.7 seconds will haunt us all for a long time. What the hell happened? But the boys will be back.

There’s always next year.

But man, it would’ve been perfect.


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