It’s only game 1…

…and I already can’t take this.

My heart is shattered.

I’m exhausted.

I’m in denial.

I can’t wait 3 days!

We’ve been pretty spoiled as of late. Aside from that one shit show of a game against the Rangers, we haven’t really had any overtime losses. And we certainly haven’t had any DEVASTATING overtime losses like that. (At least we can console ourselves with the knowledge that the Maple Leafs did, in fact, suffer a little more than we are right now.)

But that sucked.

As 1am rolled around I just started thinking, I’m waking up in 4 hours for my busiest day of the week. What if they lose? Staying up for 3 overtimes is one thing. Having to face defeat and then just go to bed disappointed? The worst!

But there we were. 3 overtimes in. It was like watching a hockey game slowed down a few clicks like in some big Hollywood movie right before they score the winning goal. It became pretty obvious that it was going to just come down to a really stupid mistake or some shit luck.

Double. Deflection.

And seriously, all of those Bruins chances couldn’t go in? Really universe??

I hate being this person, but they deserved it after ALL OF THOSE CHANCES! TYLER. SEGUIN.

And don’t even say, ‘Yeah, Crawford was amazing.’

Yes, he was.

But shit luck, man. Shit luck.

Luckily, we are all Boston fans and are accustomed to dealing with this kind of crushing disappointment in some sport or another every year.

This is only Game 1.

Sure, the city of Boston will be moving just a little bit slower this morning. And that’s not even taking into account the giant traffic jam I just walked by all the way up Comm Ave. Take a power nap during your lunch break. Grab that extra cup of Dunkin and power through. It’s only Game 1.

These boys are used to coming from behind. Six more nail-biting games where at least 4 of those shit luck game-winning goals has to get behind Crawford. Not a problem!

But if that’s how Game 1 played out, who knows what we have in store for the next 6?


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