Could we really sweep the Penguins?

God, I hope so!

I love the Bruins to death, but it would be really nice to have a social life again and not have to turn down all plans every night. I could use about a week off. (Even though the Kings aren’t putting as much as a fight as I had hoped to tire the Blackhawks out for the Finals). I can’t wait until next year’s Playoffs when I’ll finally be 21 and able to enjoy hockey the way it’s meant to be enjoyed: at a bar with dozens of your new closest friends.

Also, it’s the Penguins. It’s Crosby. And hell, just to spite the damn NBC Sports announcers who are seriously upset that their precious Penguins aren’t doing as well as they expected. (But at least they finally got their nail-biter Wednesday night).

Let’s take a second to talk about Gregory Campbell. I love hockey players! And I’ve seen some hockey players get some rough wounds and continue on playing, but that’s after going off to the bench and receiving magic hockey player treatment. Campbell takes the cake! I can’t even fathom how he even stood back up in the first place on a broken leg!! Watching that video back again (which looked awfully painful the first time around) and knowing that his leg is broken just makes me cringe. And to stay on for 47 seconds and even get a few good sticks in is just incredible. Thank you, Gregory Campbell. I hope the boys go all the way to win it for him because he is the definition of a Bruin.

Can you imagine if that happened to Crosby?

I’ll pause for a minute while you stop laughing.

So anyway, here we are. 3 games closer to the unthinkable only a short week ago. An actual shot at sweeping the Pittsburgh Penguins. (Don’t worry, I’m knocking on wood.) Who knows what will happen, but how awesome would that be? In the Garden, against the Penguins, after this crazy spring this city has had. If the boys could pull off this, they could certainly go all the way to the Cup.

Who would’ve thunk?


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