Tonight’s the night

Guys, it is hot.

And I apologize for stating the probably most-stated phrase in the East Coast this weekend, but ugh!

I love Boston. I really do. But days like these are the worst! 95 degrees is one thing, but 95 degrees with almost 70% humidity is hell. I had a whole list of things to do yesterday and instead came home after doing failing one (why does Shaws not have Arborio rice? Don’t ask.) I came home and sat in my room on the 16th floor of my east-facing college dorm room sans air conditioning to wallow in self-pity watching How I Met Your Mother in front of my two fans blasting at full force on my face. Exciting.

And when you are home doing essentially nothing for this long, you paint your nails and put on your Bruins decals. And while you’re doing this, you start thinking. And then the nerves kick in.

We’re playing the Penguins!

For 7 games. In Round 3 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. The Penguins!

We can do this. But it won’t be pretty. I’m talking multiple overtimes. Crushing losses. And, more than likely, 7 on the edge of your seats games.

But the day is finally here. After a week’s rest. A sad, sad Bruins hockey-less week. And now we’re ready! The players are preparing. The fans are getting out their lucky jerseys. Bars across Boston are getting ready for a good night. And every single person in Bruins Nation is getting nervous as all hell.

But hey, it’s just the Penguins. We can do this!

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