To Boston With Love


Happy Memorial Day, everybody!

As some of you may know, it’s free weekend at the MFA this weekend and it ends today, so I highly recommend heading on down there (go through the back door and don’t be intimidated by the line, it moves fast.) They have some pretty neat new exhibits going on. But if you want to see the new Samurai one, be prepared for probably a 45 minute wait in line.

But what I really recommend are the two Boston-related exhibits they have up this weekend! One is in the Art of the Americas wing and it features a lot of old paintings done of Boston and the surrounding area. There are some great pictures of old time downtown Boston, the beaches up at Gloucester and plenty of sunset sailboat paintings. For someone who really isn’t an art person (I spent approximately 15 minutes in the Louvre in March), this was a really cool exhibit!

And the second exhibit you have to go to is “To Boston With Love.”



These flags are located in one of the main courtyards, hanging from the ceiling, which was a little annoying when trying to really get a good look at them, but it was very cool. Quilters from all over the world have made these little flags to show their love and support for Boston. It was started by a woman from Vancouver, BC, Canada.

You really have to go to see them all for yourself, but I of course took some pictures of my favorites.






There were a lot of flags from Vancouver, but almost every US state was represented as well and several other countries from around the world. The names and cities are written on the back.




“No more hurting people.”





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