Can you imagine?

Can you imagine what it would be like for this Bruins team–with a defense almost half rookie, after being down 4-1 in the second half of the third period of Game 7 in Round 1, after everything Boston has gone through in this past month–to go on to win the Stanley Cup and parade it down Boylston St? Can you imagine?

For the first time all Playoffs it seems like there’s a good chance of this.

Sure, the Pens and Crosby would be difficult. (Unless, of course, the Senators can keep going with what I saw last night in double overtime.)

But look at this team! Compared to where we were just a week ago, blowing a 3-1 series lead. This is the kind of playing I remember from 2011. And this is certainly the kind of goaltending I remember. Tim who?

This is the kind of Bruins hockey team that can overcome all odds and every overtime in Game 7 you can throw their way. I’m getting excited for what’s to come!

If we could get Seguin and Jagr to start putting points on the board again and get some of our defenders back out on the ice (although the rookies have been more than holding their own in the meantime), we could really have a great run here. Right when the people of Boston need it the most.

Now, I won’t get ahead of myself. Right now we’re at Round 2. Game 3. (And if I know the Bruins at all, we’ll still probably somehow manage to find ourselves in a Game 7 situation.) So we’ll just take this one game at a time.

But can you imagine?


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