I’m very superstitious when it comes to sports. Annoyingly so.

Whenever I wear my team’s jersey in hockey, they usually lose. I might have to forgo my Bruins jersey tomorrow.

I had a maple candy this afternoon that was in the shape of a maple leaf. I realized this about halfway through period 2 last night and started cursing myself for being so stupid.

I knock on wood at least 5 times during any given game.

If someone texts me something negative I start freaking out because it is almost always followed by that negative thing actually occurring in the game.

I almost always rationalize the fact that I am the reason my team lost. There’s always something I did. Whether I did watch the game or missed it. Sometimes I fall asleep in the third and they ended up blowing a 3-1 lead. But what about the times I’ve fallen asleep only to miss one of the most exciting comebacks all season?

The sports part of my brain is a very strange place.

But not last night.

Last night the Bruins didn’t lose because I was wearing my jersey.

They didn’t lose because I watched the entire thing.

They didn’t lose because my friend texted me 5 minutes into the game that they looked like they were going to lose.

They didn’t lose because I said 2 weeks ago that the Bruins just can’t move on in the Playoffs without going into Game 7.

It might have been that damn maple candy though…

Just kidding.

The Boston Bruins lost Game 6 last night because they played like crap.

As always, there is little to no blame that could be put on Tuuka Rask. And the defense was pretty amazing throughout the majority of the game.

The offense.

Where do I start?

Seguin? Yeah…we know.




All of them.

They just could not get any decent opportunities on the net.

They turned the puck over almost every time they touched it. Or just missed it all together (I’m looking at you Lucic). They lost races to the puck because they were just plain slow.

Who was that team?

They looked tired and old.

It was a 48 game season, guys! You’ve been playing just as much as the Maple Leafs! And now you’ve given yourselves only  about 20 hours rest before Game 7. (oo, that’s a scary thought)

So I guess we’ll see how it goes. Hopefully the amazing fans in the TD Garden can breathe some life into this team. Or maybe we’ll spend the next 86 years losing in Game 7 of Round 1 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

We need to score. It’s that simple. I can’t blame it on one person or even a handful because it was everyone (okay, maybe I’ll give Krejci a break for this one). But in all seriousness.

The Red Sox lost 12-4 yesterday to the same city. Their 8th loss in the last 10 games after a surprisingly good and hopeful start.

The Celtics got knocked out before they even got started.

The people of Boston need something.

You can bring out inspiring victims before every game to wave that flag and get the applause and respect they deserve, but what really matters at the end of the day…what would really lift the spirits of the people of Boston who have gone through one hell of a last few weeks…would be clocking in a win at the end of the day.

Giving us just one more series at least to enjoy. To head out to the bars on Boylston St. with hundreds of our closest friends to cheer on our men in black and gold.

Just one more series.

7 more games. (yes….7.)

I don’t care who does it, I don’t care who hasn’t proved themselves in awhile. Somebody needs to step up and get. it. done.

The Bruins didn’t lose last night because somebody in Quincy forgot to put on their lucky black and gold socks. Or because a businessman from Southie was held up late at work and didn’t get into his lucky seat at the Boston Beer Works. Or because a girl from Peabody fell asleep in the middle of the third period on accident.

The Boston Bruins lost last night because they played horrible. And there’s nothing the people of Boston could do about it except swear that they will cheer 5 times as loud tomorrow in our own city and prove that we, in fact, are the Boston Strongest. This game is so much more than just a mix of silly superstitions. It’s something that binds together the people of Boston when we need binding together the most.

I mean, can you imagine how damn sweet it would be to line up along Boylston one more time a couple of months later to watch those ducks go rolling through? I can. But it’s up to the Bruins now.



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3 responses to “Superstitions

  1. Superstitions can make sports fun. Sometimes I feel my team loses because I am watching. Sometimes I turn my hat backward when the defense is on the field and foreword when the offense steps in. If that doesn’t work I switch them. This can be fun and annoying at the end of the day (depending if the superstitions work or not). At the end of they day, the team must perform! Nice post.

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