10k for Boston

So Sunday was pretty unforgettable. After the events in Boston, I was pretty shaken up and sad and angry and proud all at once. I miss Boston so much and can’t wait to get back there, so when I heard another Bostonian who currently lives in Madrid was organizing a 10k run for the victims of the Boston Marathon bombings I was all game!

The Madrid Marathon organizers were super supportive and allowed us to join the race for free and everything. A lot of local businesses also agreed to support us with everything from agreeing to stamp the Boston “B” on any shirts we brought in for free, buying us a cold pint of beer and buffet of food after the race, and giving prize packs for a drawing of those who ran. (I happened to win a prize pack from the Taste of America store! Woot!)

So with about a week to train we started reaching out to everyone. I sent e-mails to all the study abroad offices in the Northeastern United States (and we ended up getting an especially great turnout from BU, BC and NYU). The woman whose idea it was had bibs made for us with Boston Strong on them and I went and bought blue and yellow ribbons to pin on our shirts. It was great. It felt so nice to finally be able to do something. A bunch of us donated to One Fund Boston, but just showing up and running is something in itself.

We probably had about 40 people show up (I think the cold and early hour scared most off). Also there’s the fact that we had a week to train for 6.4 miles. It was a very cold and windy morning though. Perfect for running. Not so perfect for standing and waiting as evidenced by the picture below of us freezing our butts off before the race started.


Handing out ribbons to everyone…


The whole group posing in front of Starbucks. How American/Bostonian of us. Sorry Dunkin Donuts…we didn’t run on you.


And the Starting Line.


(Photos courtesy of Englishwarehouse.com)

And this next picture really surprised me! It didn’t look like there were this many people from the ground. Crazy!

Screen shot 2013-04-28 at 3.39.39 PM

(Photo courtesy of Demotix.com)

And here’s a compilation of videos I took before/during/after the race because I didn’t carry around my camera obviously and my iPod only takes videos. So there ya go!

And then this is me after I got home. Still alive, but very very tired.


It was a really great experience, but honestly there’s nothing like Boston. The number of spectators doesn’t even compare. It’s a freaking holiday in Boston! And the streets are FULL of people for the entire 26.2 miles. It wasn’t like that at all here, but oh well. It made me more and more motivated to run the Boston Marathon. If not next year, then someday. But I am definitely committed to running it now.

Krystle Campbell, Officer Sean Collier, Lingzi Lu and Martin Richard. This one was for you!

Boston Strong.

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