Lesson leaned: Never give up on your team

I broke my golden rule last night.

And I paid for it.

In my defense, it was already 4am here in Madrid and I had been up since 8am the previous day for classes so I honestly just could not keep my eyes open for that last 5 minutes. I was physically incapable, okay?? Please forgive me Bruins!

But man, oh man. What a game. For good and definitely a lot of bad. Lundqvist is good..we know, but come on guys! With all the beautiful opportunities coming down the ice through the neutral zone, they should have had about 40 more good-quality shots on goal than they actually did. There is no reason whatsoever that that game should have gone into the third period with a 0 on the Bruins side. Not okay.

But they pulled it together in the end and finally realized that as good as they looked, it mean diddly squat unless the puck hit the back of the neck. If they’d realized that about 45 minutes sooner, we could have come away with 2 points instead of 1, but c’est la vie.

Hockey is all about passion and heart. And last night the boys showed that they had heart. They really cared and never gave up, even down by 2 in the last 2 minutes. And they didn’t let Bruins nation down.

As a current fan of the Boston University Terriers, I can’t even begin to describe how nice it is to see a hockey team who really wants it and has the passion to go out and try their best for that W every game and not give up when things are looking down. It’s definitely a breath of fresh air and something you don’t always get in the NHL. So thank you, Bruins.

And I super duper promise that I will never allow myself to fall asleep 5 minutes before the end of the game ever again. (At least once I’m back in the same time zone I won’t.)

And since I use every excuse ever to watch this video, here’s a prime example of why you never give up on your team (even down by 2 with 59.5 seconds left in the National Championship game):

PS. They ended up winning in overtime, in case you didn’t know.

Dear Terriers, I’d love to see this kind of effort again. Okay, thanks.


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