A Devastating Beanpot

Even from 3,500 miles away, last night was devastating.

For all Boston University hockey fans.

Especially for the seniors in the Dog Pound.

Especially for the six seniors on the team.

Especially for Captain Wade Megan.

Who will never get the opportunity to celebrate a Beanpot win and host that trophy up in the air. It breaks my heart.

Even though this team hasn’t been playing the best or with the most intensity lately, they still deserved the Pot. Those six seniors deserved the opportunity to win the best college hockey tournament outside of the championship. And it absolutely crushes me that they didn’t get that opportunity.

Wade Megan, whose scored multiple goals in the Beanpot over the years, was heart-breaking to watch last night after the game. With tear’s in his eyes saying “It’s just devastating.”

That it was.

I still have one more year at least. One more opportunity to celebrate a Beanpot win (or even a national title) as a BU student. One more season that I WILL be present for all of. Every single game if I can help it. As I know many others will.

So yeah, this sucks. And as much as I hate the phrase, there really is always next year. This used to be called the BU Invitational, but we’ve been stuck at 29 wins for several years now. Hopefully we can take this frustration into next year. Fix stupid defensive mistakes. Clean up the power play. Get the puck in the freaking net! And turn this yearly rendezvous of Boston/Cambridge/Newton college hockey teams back into the BU Invitational.

This season isn’t by any means over, but it isn’t looking good. The second half has been absolutely horrible and it shows no signs of improving as the team just gets increasingly frustrated and disheartened. It’s sad to watch. Even from halfway across the world.

I didn’t want to miss some amazing season with a championship run while I was abroad (as selfish as that is), but this is far from what I wanted. I wanted to stay up until 4am every night deep into March, walk the streets of Madrid in my BU Hockey shirt nearly everyday, beg friends to post streams of the games and instructing everyone I knew in Boston to cheer extra loud for me.

I wanted Wade Megan to get his Beanpot trophy. I wanted all my friends in band and the Dog Pound in the class of 2013 to experience that celebration. I wanted to be looking forward to next Monday at 2am when the Beanpot final between BU and BC would start. But this year I’ll be long asleep by then, not knowing who I want to win because I hate Vinny Saporini and the Huskies with their “No means no!” chant almost as much as I abhor the Eagles. There will be no devastating loss with 6.4 seconds remaining in overtime to our worst rivals. There will be nothing.

This is a team that’s lost its heart. Its desire to win. And when it comes to college hockey, that’s honestly the most important part. They have an amazing group of fans willing to travel across the country to watch them play every single weekend, but something just isn’t working anymore.

There is always next year.

There’s a great group of guys in the Class of 2014 who have fought hard for the last 3 years and deserve this too. We have some really great freshmen. We have a fan base that gets stronger and stronger every year. We have hope.

Next year.

A year from next Monday the title of this blogpost will be something very different.

A year from next Monday Matt Nieto and Sahir Gill will each tack on a point in the Beanpot finale versus Boston College. Alexx Privitera will have an amazing game-saving block in front of an impenetrable Matt O’Connor. Garrett Noonan will skate his heart out despite his couple of unnecessary trips to the penalty box. And Matt Grzelcyk will skate across the Bruins logo straight through a strong Eagles defense untouched around the back of the goal and set up the perfect goal for Cason Hohman with 3.2 seconds left in the second overtime.

The Class of 2014 will get their Beanpot trophy and you can bet the diehards of the Class of 2013 will be filling the seats of TD Garden, screaming at NESN from their cheap apartments in Allston or watching crappy streams on the Internet with a 30 second delay across the world. They’ll get their Beanpot too. Just not this year.

This team has gone through so much since winning the national title in 2009. It’s only a matter of time before things come together and we find ourselves once again supporting the best college hockey team in the country.

There’s still hope for this season and there’s no way in hell I’m giving up on them yet. I’ll be up again until 4am on Friday to watch us beat Merrimack. I’ll still wear my hockey shirt every weekend to weird looks from the Madrileñas on the street. I’m still proud to BU. But there will be no Beanpot this year.

And that’s definitely going to take awhile to get over.

See you the first Monday of next February.

And as always…Go BU!


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