A Thursday night win in New Hampshire

I’m still pretty much incapable of describing how amazing last night was!

I won’t lie and say I wasn’t extremely nervous going into last night’s game. We had already lost to UNH this season and they were recently named #1 in the country. They also hadn’t lost in 8 games and over a month. But that only encouraged me and 35 other members of my Dog Pound family more to make the trek out to Durham, NH on a Thursday night in the last week of the semester.


(Apparently I caught everyone at a very stressful moment.)

It was so much fun! A trip that started out with a confrontation with a police woman in the parking lot of Dunkin Donuts who told us, “And you’re BU fans in Durham, so I could basically just arrest you for no reason. ….Just kidding….But really.” It only got better from there.

UNH has a pretty nice arena, and they had a really good fan turnout! We definitely made sure they knew we were there though!


And I think we were on good terms with them until the, “If you can’t get into college, go to State. If you can’t get into State, UNH!” Things got ugly from there. And it’s uber annoying when you’re on the end, right next to these drunk, classless Wildcats. But C’est La Vie! It was all worth it when we walked out on top.

It all started out with a strange, sloppy and super slow goal that was poked in by my boy Wade Megan! The Terriers tacked on another 2 points at the beginning of the second period, which was a very nice cushion to have, but the game never got any less than completely nerve-wracking.

UNH started to creep back at the end of the second with a power play goal. And then put another point on the board in the middle of the third.

Cue 36 BU fans getting awfully worried and extremely sick of singing “Ole, ole, ole” during the ten million penalties we had (but what else is new?).

The boys managed to hold it together though. And there was this kid:


You may not be perfect O’Connor (sorry to burst your bubble) but you know how to turn it on when it counts!

I also tried really hard to get a picture of him with his helmet off or even winking at us, but every time this happened and he turned around, I got so caught up with the SEXY GOALIE chant and swooning over his winks that I couldn’t get my camera ready. I’ll have to try to elude his charm on Saturday to finally get a good picture! Yeah right.

I’m also pretty positive that every member of the Dog Pound lost at least 5 years off their lives in the last 2:07 of the game. Megan got sent to the box for interference, meaning that we would be playing 6 on 4 for basically the remainder of the game, only 1 point ahead.

The UNH fans came alive and that place was popping. I applaud our team for not getting psyched out because I know I was. But we did manage to keep our “Ole”s going loud and strong all the way until 7 seconds left in the game and then I just basically screamed until the buzzer rang and I could give out a huge sigh of relief!

And all those loud, obnoxious UNH fans disappeared mighty quick from the stands!

Boston University 3-University of New Hampshire 2


Happy campers!

And let me tell you a couple of things about UNH fans:

  • They cheer for absolutely everything. Literally. Every single time they touched the puck, they would erupt into cheers. Anytime icing was called, you’d think they just won the national championship. I know life can’t be that exciting up there, but come on.
  • They need cue cards in their student section to start chants. Really?
  • They’re drunk and obnoxious and classless. They wait outside the arena (while you’re still in the stands paying respect to your team) just to try to start shit with you when you come out.
  • They’re easily fooled. After a puck went very wide and the puck clearly flew to the opposite boards, someone accidentally hit the blowhorn. Well apparently, UNH fans blocked out the fact that the puck clearly wasn’t in the net and started all cheering like maniacs. Good job, guys. Good job. BLOWHORN! BLOWHORN! YOU SUCK!

I could say much worse things, but we at Boston University have this little thing called class.

This was my first away game win and I can’t wait for many more! It breaks my heart to hear all the trips that are planned for next semester when I’m going to be in Spain. Ugh. Hopefully the boys can pull out a win against Maine tomorrow to end this semester right.

I love my boys and as always, am SO proud to BU!!

(Few things feel better than being able to chant “SUCKS TO BE YOU!” as the dejected UNH fans leave the arena after having “Sucks to BU!” shouted at you all night. Okay, this is all.)

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