Christmas in the City

It truly is the most wonderful time of the year.

And the crazy thing (that I don’t think I’m too happy about) is that it’s still plenty warm out to be out enjoying it!

I brought the lightest jacket I had to work on Monday because I knew I’d be walking home and I was still dying of heat. In December! Why??

But it is nice to be able to enjoy a nice long walk home, especially now that Boston is officially all decorated up and gorgeous!

So here are my pictures of all the beautiful lights and Christmas (Holiday?) trees throughout Boston starting in the North End and ending in Copley.



I started by walking through Christopher Columbus Park. These blue lights are one of the earliest memories I have of Boston.





I remember walking through Boston with my mother and aunt when I was younger (probably heading toward Legal Sea Foods) and my mother caught sight of these blue lights in the distance (through all the disgusting Big Dig construction) and we had to go over and take a picture!



I wish this picture wasn’t quite so blurry because I absolutely love it!



Next stop was Faneuil Hall.



That is one massive tree!



And here’s his much smaller reject cousin on the other side of Quincy Market.

And then I was off towards the Commons…



The Park Street Church is in the background.




The Boston Commons Tree.



This is where it starts to get too dark out for me to take decent tree pictures. Seriously the hardest thing to to take pictures of!

I also really didn’t like the trees all around the Commons with lights that looked like they were literally just thrown on top of them. You can see a few in the picture above. I thought it just looked sloppy.



And then, of course, many people’s favorite part of the holidays. When the Commonwealth Mall gets all lit up!



It’s difficult to see in this picture, but I LOVED the little wreath balls that were on all the lampposts on Boylston and Newbury St.



There’s a close-up.



And finally, the Copley Square Christmas Tree.

And these pictures don’t even include all the beautiful individual displays on people’s front doors and windows and yards. There were so many! My camera (and my patience) would have probably exploded if I stopped to take a picture of every one. But I seriously recommend going out and seeing for yourself. It truly is wonderful. Give the grubby old subway a rest for the night, pack your sneakers and jacket in your work bag, make a Christmas playlist on your iPod and take a walk home. You won’t regret it!

Happy 20 Days Until Christmas!


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