BC Sucks

Well this weekend ended in one of the happiest and most disappointing ways possible. I finally got to go to my first away BU/BC game at Conte Forum in NEWTON, Massachusetts. And oh man, it was so much fun!


The entire Dog Pound was running on a high from the win the night before and we were pumped and ready to go!

It started with a T storm. All 200 or so of us stormed the T outside of Agganis Arena (and all for free because the conductor just gave up.) It was a packed sea of scarlet and white. And I truly felt bad for anyone else on the train, but at least we managed to get a relatively empty one. Because boy, were we obnoxious.

“The destination of this train is Boston College”


Eventually the T guy caught on and stopped playing the recording, but kindly threw in one last one when we got there. And, of course, here was our favorite Eagle-hating fight song. “F*ck em up, F*ck em up, BC sucks!”

Once we got to the outhouse on the hill, we had a short little pep talk on the steps of their chapel. Basically just to figure out logistics of how we get every single one of us together in the same section. (It’s quite the operation/live ticket exchange we have to run.) Then we hiked through campus together chanting GO BU, LET’S GO TERRIERS, If you can’t get into college, go to church, and lots and lots of “*Rough* em up, *rough* em up, BC sucks!” We got harassed by many unfortunate Eagles fans.


We got there a little too early and had to wait in the lobby for a good 20 minutes. But we made sure they knew we were there.


This picture doesn’t nearly show how many of us were actually there because I was standing in the middle of the pack.

Once we got in and overtook our corner of our vacation home, we made our presence known right away (to the 25 BC fans who actually showed up before 5 minutes prior to the puck drop).


I love the Dog Pound with all my heart. We are truly the best fans in college hockey! We’ve had at least 12 people at every single away game this season, and that includes a weekend in North Dakota! And it was amazingly entertaining to watch 4 “Superfans” come over and try to talk crap to us and then get thrown out of the game. Nice try, guys.

But where were they Friday night? I mean, there were 200+ of us at this game and only 15ish of them showed up to Agganis. Don’t talk shit if you can’t back it up.


All in all, it was a decently played game. The irony is that we played the best during the second period (just couldn’t get the puck in the net) and apparently the refs noticed this and decided it was time to start making bullshit call after bullshit call against the Terriers to ensure Jerry York’s tie-for-first-place win. But whatever, we move on.

I still had more fun than I’ve had since the last away game I went to where 300 of us walked over to Northeastern!


Look at us all!! At an away game!


That was so much fun too! We called ourselves The 300 and took advantage of the many puns..


But anywho, back to last night.

Pretty soon it became obvious that we probably weren’t going to win this one. Did we give up and go home? Of course not!

We sang every chant we’ve ever used.

We sang our own version of the BC Fight Song.
(For Newton, for Newton. The outhouse on the hill! For Newton, for Newton. They suck and always will. So here’s to the outhouse on the hill. Boston College sucks and they always will. For Newton, for Newton. The outhouse on the hill!)

We sang Christmas carols.

We even sang the freakin Canadian National Anthem! (Which at least half of us knew, impressively enough.)

And we were on the BALL every time O’Connor’s helmet came off with our SEXY GOALIE chant! We got a stick raise when he was right in front of us. And even a salute when he was on the opposite side of the arena as us.


It made my night!! And this made my Sunday…

Screen shot 2012-12-02 at 3.20.42 PM

It feels good.

Although I won’t get to see a win against BC again this season (and I only have 2 more games total!!! Damn you, study abroad!) at least I have ended it on an awesome note, regardless of the score at the end of the day.

Every single member of the Dog Pound is my family. I’m off to the University of New Hampshire on Thursday night for another away game with nearly 50 of my friends. (And in the last couple of days of the semester, that takes dedication!)

My college experience wouldn’t be nearly as awesome as it is without BU hockey, the Dog Pound or the BU Band. (Speaking of which, it’s a pretty awesome feeling when the Dog Pound still tries to sing most of the songs that the band would be playing if they were there.) There’s a reason that I’m genuinely sad to be spending a semester in Europe because I know I’m going to miss the best part of hockey season!

We truly are the best fans in college athletics. And BC just sucks! They really do!

I am forever proud to BU.

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