Boston University vs. Boston College 4-2

I can’t even describe how happy I am right now!

I know I haven’t blogged in awhile, but I’ve been crazy busy with the end of the semester AND knowing that it was BU/BC weekend at the end of the week, made everything else seem pretty unworthy of attention.

But alas, BU/BC weekend finally came and boy did it get off to a marvelous start??

I FINALLY got to witness my first BU win over BC. The first home game win since 2009! But oh, it was worth the wait! The atmosphere in Agganis was absolutely unbelievable.


When we actually scored first? An EXPLOSION of cheers and screams that last several minutes.

When we won? Madness!!

And even better was that I correctly guessed the score and I win a Rhetts prize pack and 2 movie tickets. Yay me!

Before the game, their was some excitement when the Eagles shattered one of our panes of glass with two hard hit pucks to the glass one right after the other. (They missed the goal).


I have no idea how it didn’t shatter all over everybody, but it stayed relatively in one piece, even as the arena guys came and replaced it. Which brings me to the meme of the night…


And that we did.

Matt Grzelcyk had one of the most beautiful goals!

Matt O’Connor had a wonderful night as well that proved he’s more than just a pretty face.

And this is how we defeated number 1 team in the country, ruining a 10-game winning streak. And that’s exactly how we’re going to take them down tonight in their own house. With hundreds of their loyal fans cheering them on! The Dog Pound heads down the Green Line at 5 o’clock tonight to finally experience the event we’ve been waiting for all season.

We have heart. We’re Proud to BU. And no matter what the score is after tonight, the Eagles cannot take that away from us.

They cannot take last night’s win away from us.

They can’t destroy our spirit.

However you’d like to say it, Newton University or Chestnut Hill Community College, BC sucks.

And they always will.

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