Boston University vs. the Russian National Team

So I learned one thing last night.

The Russians used to be a lot better at hockey in the 80s.

Last night our women’s hockey team took on the Russian women’s national team. And they really weren’t very good. I was pretty surprised. Their goalies were terrible. Their offense was sloppy and couldn’t get anything started. And 90% of the game was played in our offensive end. Go USA! If we’re only 6th in the country and can still whoop them 6-1 in a game that easily could’ve been 15-0, the standard for hockey in America must be pretty high.


Another thing I leaned last night is that the stigma against Russia is still alive and thriving. They haven’t actually been our enemy for two decades. We haven’t been able to call them the Soviets for just as long. But the negative image is still alive. Perhaps it’s ignorance. Because honestly, what is even going on over there?

There’s too much to pay attention to in the Middle East and on our own soil to follow what’s going on in Russia. I hate being ignorant, but I honestly have no idea what state they’re in right now. But you hear about Russia and you just still automatically consider them a big, evil empire. And that’s even people my age who weren’t even alive during the Cold War!


There were a few Russian fans in the crowd. I’m not sure where they came from or where they’re living now, but I thought it was interesting. One of them came over to the band and said “Good job” so he’s okay in my book.


And I only saw one Eruzione USA jersey. And now I really want one.

And I love the “U.S.A (AndCanada!)” chant. Makes you proud!

So yeah, it was a pretty interesting (if not surprising) game. I was hoping for an exciting game, but a blowout win is okay too I guess.

Do you believe in miracles?

Yay capitalism!

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