I hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving!


This is what my first plate looked like…



My second plate consisted of just stuffing and my mom’s delicious green bean casserole. That is also what my lunch is about to consist of.

And of course…one of the many best parts…


My friend Christi’s AMAZING pecan pie! And my homemade peppermint hot chocolate.


Seriously guys…I can’t even eat any other pecan pie now because this was the first I ever tried! It is so good! And yes, we ate off of patriotic flip flop paper plates…I was sick of doing dishes at this point and we don’t buy our festive plates until after the holiday when they’re super cheap.

It was also a great day for football! (Not a great night though…damn Patriots!)

After dinner, dessert and a movie, we made our way to the Walmart Black Friday sale to fight the crowd for some electronics that one of my mom’s friends wanted. I just wanted to go to scope out the cheap movies. And that I did…


I got 11 total. Including all 8 Harry Potter movies for $2 each. I’m such a good bargain-hunter!

And I finally broke down and bought some Gingerbread Oreos after hearing amazing things about them from all my favorite food bloggers. And man oh man oh man.


Houston, we have a problem. These are too freakin delicious!

I hope everyone else had a great Thanksgiving! Enjoy the rest of your time off or time with family!

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