Casa Razdora

I am both sad and very relieved that this was my first trip to Casa Razdora. I found this place on Yelp last year as the highest rated restaurant in Boston. And then when I started my summer internship in the financial district, I realized that this place was literally right behind my building. But somehow I managed to never go there.

However, that changed the other day when I forgot to order a to-go meal from my dining hall before I left for my internship in the morning. I decided to make the trek over and finally give this place a shot.

I almost walked right by it at first, it’s very unassuming.

It’s an adorable, tiny shop inside. There are only a couple of tables and seats along the front window. And I’ve heard that this place is PACKED, line out the door between noon to 1pm. I, however, didn’t get a chance to get lunch until about 1:30 or 2:00 so it was pretty empty and there were plenty of seats.

Pardon the crappy quality of that photo, I was trying to be quick and inconspicuous with my phone. The menu at this place is HUGE. It is on the wall, but it’s written very tiny so I advise looking it up online and planning ahead. Also, this place is MAD cheap!! A pasta dish is $7-8 and it was enough for two meals for me! How the pasta works is you can choose any of about 5 different kinds of pasta or ravioli or gnocchi for a little more. And then you choose any of about 25 sauces. It’s pretty awesome.

I settled with the Gnocchi with Pesto Alfredo for $8. It also came with a good-sized piece of foccacia. This gnocchi was cooked perfectly! They were amazing little pillows of deliciousness. And that sauce. Ohmygod! The smell was very potent that made my entire office smell, but I don’t care! It was very garlicy and basily and yummy! (I love my adjectives.) There also was the perfect ratio of sauce to gnocchi.

And like I said, it was a very big portion for the price. I got lunch and dinner the next night out of it. It reheated pretty well too except that I could see the pounds of butter in it after I reheated it. Which is why it’s a good thing I didn’t become obsessed with it over the summer.

The bread was also delicious! And you could tell that these were authentic Italians. They were speaking Italian to each other and everything was made to order.

I’m excited to go back again and try regular pasta with a different sauce. Probably the caprese! It just sucks that this place is only open for weekday lunches. It would be the perfect dinner.

But yeah, this place is super authentic, delicious, and cheap with great portion sizes! A win win win win.

Check it out!

But you should probably wait until next week…I foresee enough food in everyone’s future without pounds of butter and pasta on top of that! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone and safe travels!

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