Two more days.

Two more days and I get to sleep indefinitely!

This weekend was crazy! There were 5 BU home games, I went to 3. It was madness. And my roommate is filming her final film for her production class which meant I had to be up at 6am everyday to help her shoot. So this was my weekend..

Wake-up: 6:00am
Shoot: 7:00am-noon
Basketball game: noon-3:00pm
Nap: 3:30pm-7:30pm
Dinner, homework and sleep

Wake-up: 6:00am
Shoot: 7:00am-noon
Pathetic Men’s Hockey Game: noon-4:00pm
Patriots/Colts Game: 4:30-7:30pm
Meeting: 8:00pm-9:00pm

But seriously BU. What was wrong with you??? It would be nice if we could have some guys who actually showed up on the ice to win. It seemed like they just didn’t even care. I know it was a weird time and there weren’t as many fans, but come on! We were cheering our hearts out for you for absolutely nothing in return. Such a disappointment. We more than deserved to lose that game.

There was one shining moment, however.

This was also the only time Garrett Noonan actually looked like he cared about the outcome of the game.

And hey, Matt O’Connor…you kind of missed the boat on that one. And a few others, huh? Not your best night, Mr. Cocky.

I’d also not even like to talk about the Colts and Patriots game. They showed promise at the beginning but of course the Pats woke up in the second half.


Two more days until vacation.

Less than two weeks until an awesome BU/BC hockey weekend!

A month and a half until I land in Europe.

And  8 hours until this Monday is over.

Baby steps.

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