Wreck it Ralph: Movie Review

I have been on a movie roll lately! I feel like I’ve finally gotten to see everything I want to see (except Skyfall, which I’m going to see with my mom over Thanksgiving Break) AND I’ve been tearing through my Movies I Need to Watch List.

I’ve been watching at least 1 movie a night, sometimes 2 if I’m not tired. Now that I’ve finished the Harry Potter series, I need to fill my life with something meaningful again. Oh, don’t even call me dramatic! Those books changed my life and I’m about THIS close to reading them over again already.

So the other night I finally watched Blue Valentine. And it was so depressing that I just had to watch a happy love story and I came across A Walk to Remember for free on Amazon and thought to myself ‘Hey, that’s happy! They actually love each other through the whole thing!’ Except remember that tiny little detail about her DYING at the end??? So yeah, I bawled my eyes out. At two movies in a row.

So then I went to see Wreck It Ralph! And it was allll better.

When I saw trailers for this movie, I though it looked “kind of cute” but nothing special. So I was pretty surprised when it started getting really good reviews. Including an A+ from one of my favorite movie bloggers! Needless to say, I decided to add it to my Need to Watch List and pray that Disney wouldn’t disappoint me.

And I must say, I was pleasantly surprised. I wouldn’t say it was a fantastic movie because it just felt like something was missing. I’m not sure what, but it just needed a little more to keep my attention. Maybe more back and forth between the different plot lines?

But anyway, Wreck It Ralph is about the bad guy in a video game called Fix It Felix Jr. Ralph, voiced by John C. Reilly, destroys the building while Felix storms in to save the day and fix the building so all the people living in it are saved. Then Ralph is thrown from the building. And things don’t get much better for Ralph after the arcade closes. While his fellow game characters party it up in their penthouse suite, Ralph is forced to live in the dump without any friends. Despite his many meetings at BadAnon (an Alcoholics Anonymous-type group for video game bad guys), Ralph really doesn’t want to keep living his life the same way anymore. He thinks that if he wins a medal like the one Fix It Felix Jr. wins at the end of every game, the other characters will except him.

Thus begins a journey through several other video games in the arcade as he tries to win and then retrieve a medal that will make everyone else like him. He encounters Jane Lynch‘s badass character in the game Hero’s Journey. And then the sassy, hilarious and adorable Vanellope Von Schweets, voiced by Sarah Silverman, who becomes his ally and only chance of retrieving the much-coveted medal.

Vanellope is a glitch in the game Sugar Rush, a racing game set in a world full of candy everything! In order to win back Ralph’s medal, she needs to win the next race. Unfortunately, the rest of the characters don’t like Vanellope because she’s  a glitch and tends to pixel out from time to time. They fear that if they let her compete in a race, the arcade-goers will see her glitch out and think the game is broken, causing them to be unplugged and homeless.

The concept for this movie is actually kind of brilliant! The way the characters travel back and forth through different games (through the surge protector) and take on whatever animation that game has (ie. pixelly for Fix It Felix Jr., simple, bright and happy in Sugar Rush, and 3D super realistic in Hero’s Journey) is genius!

The actors who voice this movie are brilliant as well. Sarah Silverman was born for this role. I knew immediately that it was her! Jane Lynch also brought an awesome badass element to the movie with her no-nonsense attitude.

I only wish that we could have seen more of her side plot. The movie occasionally shows her adventures through Sugar Rush to save the entire arcade (which is a pretty important aspect of the movie), but spends a huge percentage of the time on Ralph. I think it would’ve added a lot more suspense and excitement to that movie and give it that little extra something that I thought it needed.

On top of how clever this movie was, it was absolutely hilarious! Yes, the kids will enjoy this, but they won’t understand half of the jokes. It was just pun after pun after pun. Some of which you need to pay close attention to to overcome. The dialogue was just brilliant. So yeah, while it’s not my favorite animated movie as of late, I thoroughly enjoyed it and Disney has not let me down.

Looking for a movie to go see tonight? Or this weekend? Take the kids to see Wreck It Ralph and enjoy the witty, hilarious dialogue for yourself! I promise you’ll all be thoroughly entertained!

It was definitely a nice break from Blue Valentine and A Walk To Remember. No crying here!

Just plenty of laughs!!


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  1. DoubleXXCross

    Gah, I have to wait so long for this darn movie that I’ve been spoilered by Tumblr on the whole thing. :S

    …I still wanna watch, though. It’s important to my fandoms!

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