A stroll down the Esplanade with mother for cupcakes

The weather this weekend (and yesterday) was absolutely gorgeous! Don’t get me wrong, I love winter and I LOVE snow, but becoming a city girl has made me start leaning toward warmer and dryer weather. At home, I wouldn’t have to spend an extended amount of time outside in the cold and snow unless I wanted to. You just drive everywhere if you do have to leave. But in the city I walk everywhere. So when it’s freezing cold and windy as all hell (which is actually the main problem; I can handle the cold no problem, but I despise the wind!) it’s just not fun to have to walk downtown or walk to class.

So I kind of loved last “winter” and I’m not too upset about missing most of a New England winter this year for very moderate and nice weather in Spain. And it rarely ever rains there!  Hallelujah!!

So yeah, these last few days have been wonderful! I will eventually want snow though, Boston, before Christmas. So see what you can do!

To enjoy the wonderful weather on Saturday, me and my mother decided to take a stroll down the gorgeous, fall-colored Esplanade. Our destination? Cupcakes, of course! My mom hadn’t been to Georgetown Cupcake yet, so I had to bring her. And when you walk all the way to the cupcake shop, the calories in the cupcakes themselves don’t, in fact, count. True story.

I love the pretty-colored sailboats! I’m pretty sure they only make them like that so that we can get pretty pictures of them on the water. Someday I should go over to Cambridge to take pictures so I can get Boston in the background.

My mother’s artsy photo. (Most of these pictures are by her, by the way. Except for the selfie because, let’s be honest, teenage girls are professional selfie-takers. And now after typing that, I realize that I’m not a teenager anymore. WAHHHHH!!!)

The sun starting to go down at 4 in the afternoon!!!

This was just an adorable little front yard/garden in front of a house on Marlborough St. I want it!!

We finally reached our destination! And there was a huge line out the door. Bostonians sure love their cupcakes!

Salted Carmel, Pumpkin Spice, Coconut, Key Lime and Vanilla.

Let’s talk about that Salted Carmel cupcake, shall we?

This next sentence is important. This is the best cupcake I think I have ever had. Ever.

I want to eat it again and again.

I’ve recently become obsessed with sea salt and it is best on carmel!! Salted Carmel Mochas at Starbucks? Amazing. Peanut Butter Pinkberry with chocolate sauce, carmel and sea salt? To die for! This salted carmel cupcake? Absolute genius!

The cake part had carmel swirled throughout and the frosting was just wonderful! The salt cut a lot of the sweetness, and it was the perfect balance! For real, you need to try this cupcake. I’m really glad they do a salted carmel cupcake with a carmel cake part instead of chocolate like most places. It makes all the difference.

Definitely worth all the calories that the walk didn’t burn!

I hope everyone had a wonderful warm and sunny weekend! (And 3-day weekends for you lucky ones!) A huge thanks to all the Veterans and active members of our military. I am forever grateful and so proud to be an American!

Have a great rest of you week, which should get better after this rain today!

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