A Horrible Sunday

The Giants lost.

To the Bengals?? What??

And by a lot?


The Pats won.

And the Bills were actually really really close.

And BU lost.

Against BC.

After an arena full of 6,000 poured their entire hearts onto that ice.

It’s truly heartbreaking.

Agganis was pumping!! I remember the start of the third period as BU got close to scoring again and again. The “GO BU!” chant that broke out in the moment had more passion and heart than you will ever feel in any other arena in the country.

The boys even played pretty well. They just couldn’t get it into the net and they failed miserable at power plays. Miserably!

3 out of the 4 BC goals were just dumb luck goals. And I’m not just saying that as a bitter Terriers fan. I still have yet to see what the first goal looked like. It was just all of a sudden in the net a minute into the game. And then the game stayed like that for a very long time. And then things started to get pumping in the 3rd period. But unfortunately BC got a few more lucky goals and one good one to our two pretty awesome ones! Goals that made us get just a bit louder and bring back just a little more hope, but it was too little too late.

But good job Matt O’Connor. This is by no means on you. Congratulations Matt Grzelcyk on your first collegiate goal! Against Lil’ Milzy no less! And a good effort by everyone, we just need to get in the net. And clean up those power plays! Seriously!

I can’t even talk about the Giants game because (luckily) I didn’t watch it. My mom was here so we were watching the Patriots/Bills game. They almost pulled through! Almost! (Side note: I hate Brady more than I could ever put into words. This is all.)

Overall, it was a really fun weekend with my mom though. She got to see me march on ice and everything! It’s just too bad she couldn’t experience a BU win over BC in Agganis Arena. Oh well, someday!

So it was a good weekend in that I got to spend it with my mom, but a pretty crappy Sunday altogether. There’s always next Sunday! And the countdown has begun to November 30th when we get our revenge on the Eagles Friday night and then all travel to Conte Forum to take over BC’s rink the next day. I can’t wait!


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