A Fun Birthday Night at Sunset

Despite not doing anything super exciting, having work all day, having it be freezing and forcing me to cancel my plans to dress up all fancy, and the impossibility of living up to my birthday last year, I still had a great time ringing in the big boring 2-0.

As I mentioned, me and a few friends went out to Sunset Cantina for Dessert Nachos! Because honestly…it’s not a birthday at BU without going to Sunset (even though most go to have their first drinks…one more year) and what’s a better thing to eat than Dessert Nachos on a day when calories don’t count?? Nothing!


We started off with some regular nachos, of course. And thank GOD the waiter talked us out of ordering the XL size…we ended up getting the full and it was HUGE and he said the XL was twice that size, I can’t imagine. We got the chicken chili filling because one of our friends doesn’t eat beef and it was a really good decision. I enjoyed it way more than regular beefy nachos! The chicken chili part was my favorite part! And of course the guacamole because I’m obsessed. And as always…their tortilla chips are just downright heavenly on their own.


God, we’re attractive!

And then of course came the best/worst part of the night! So I knew it was my birthday and was kind of expecting them to do something dumb and either sing or tell the wait staff. But no one got up to “go to the bathroom” or anything so I thought I was safe and quickly forgot about it. Well, cue the Dessert Nachos…with candles…and half the Sunset wait staff.


Everyone’s favorite part of their birthday, am I right?

Especially since they were trick candles. Seriously, who even invented those???

But all in all it was pretty painless and then, as the birthday girl, I got to dig in first and get the biggest pile of whipped cream on my first nacho! (And there was a lot less whipped cream on this one compared to the last one I would had. And it’s the best part!)

It was delicious. And we of course scarfed the whole thing down. And even got to enjoy the last half of Trivia Night which was pretty fun. Even though I sucked and our friend Ian blew us all away by how randomly smart he was!


And then it was back out into the cold to enjoy the next 20 years of my life here in Boston…


I’ll see you in a year Sunset. Have some margaritas waiting for me!


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