Well, this is disgusting!

Excuse me while I stay in a bed curled up in a ball all day.

Just kidding…I have class/internship/practice for the next 12 hours straight! Is it Christmas yet? At least the weekend? No? Okay.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Nor’easters!! BUT it should be illegal to claim any storm is a Nor’easter if there isn’t at least 6 inches of snow on the ground when I wake up the next day. And sleety yucky kind-of-frozeny rain does NOT count as snow! Come on temperature, just drop a few more degrees! While I loved the snowy wonderland last night, I wish I could enjoy it this morning still, but now it’s just rain.

Also, I hate wind. (Yes, I’m aware that I am living in the wrong city for this). And hate is kind of an understatement. I’m actually deathly afraid of wind. As in would rather be placed in a box full of snakes and spiders, Fear Factor style, before being thrown into any wind above 20mph. You see, I was kind of traumatized as a child when me and my mother took an innocent trip to Walmart on an unusually windy day. So windy, in fact, that she had to hold my hand or I would blow away windy. And unfortunately, she apparently thought she could get away with letting go of my hand for a few seconds to grab a cart or something. But no, a strong gust of wind decided to roll through at that moment, knocking me off my feet and throwing me a solid few feet through the Walmart parking lot. I have never been the same since.

And to add to this. My house back in Northern New York is surrounded by trees EVERYWHERE! So anytime there was a really windy storm you would hear tree branches CRASHING onto the roof of our house all night. It was petrifying. I would just wait for the minute that an entire tree just gave way and fell onto the house. Especially a particularly old and huge one that was completely dead and had a giant branch (and when I say branch, it was actually the size of a small tree in itself) break off and crash to the ground, thankfully in the opposite direction of our house.

But since that moment, I never felt safe during wind storms until we finally had the tree guys chop that devil down piece by piece.

So there you go. I have wind PTSD. A completely rational fear of an inhuman phenomenon that has the power to lift up entire houses and throw them aside like they’re nothing. (Yeah, I would neverevereverever move anywhere near the tornado belt.)

I remember one time there was a tornado warning in our county when one of my friends was hanging out at my house for the day. We sat in my hallway for over an hour holding onto my dog (who was very unhappy and wanted to just go lay on the couch) because it was the only part of the house without an outside wall.

So yeah, short story long, I am not enjoying this storm. At least during the Hurricane I could stay in my room all day and luckily couldn’t hear the wind through our window. But yesterday and today I have to walk a mile through it and back to get to my internship, feeling like I’m going to get blown away at any second, getting pelted in the face by horizontal rain, and freezing my butt off because it’s right next to the freakin ocean! Fun times.

Also, it is now pitch dark outside by the time I get out at 5:00, so I couldn’t even fully enjoy the little snow that we did get last night. Life is just so unfair.

Okay, I’m done complaining. But seriously, where is the snow? Starbucks has spoken…it is officially Christmastime. Now SNOW!


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