My Not-So Special Day

It should be an international law that someone cannot have their birthday on a Monday. It’s just not that fun. I actually kept forgetting my birthday was today, like all last week I would get a card in the mail or something and be like oh yeah.

Maybe it’s because last birthday I watched the Giants beat the Patriots in Foxboro. You really can’t get a better birthday present than that. (NOT THAT THEY COULD GIVE ME A WIN THIS YEAR OR ANYTHING!!!)

And the year before that?

Wow. I’ve had some pretty awesome birthdays since coming to Boston. And Aerosmith is doing a concert right down the street from where I live today, but alas…I’m stuck at my internship all day.

I’m also turning 20, which is super unexciting. I mean…I’m basically kissing my childhood goodbye, never to be a teenager again, and I don’t even get to have a drink to console myself. Life can be so cruel!

At least my mother comes next weekend for some awesome BU/BC hockey action!

I did almost go to North Dakota this weekend to watch our Men’s Hockey team take on UND 2 nights in a row, but alas decided I should save my money for Spain and Europe in the spring. But then I spent all weekend being super jealous..especially after Saturday night’s come-from-behind score-two-goals-in-11-seconds win. But oh well.

I am enjoying this year by eating delicious food, which let’s be the next best thing to watching my favorite sports teams. I’m treating myself to Roxy’s Grilled Cheese for lunch because I’ve been DYING to try their Fall Melt! And what better time than on your birthday when calories don’t count?? And a bunch of my friends and I are going to Sunset Cantina later tonight for Dessert Nachos!!! Remember…calories don’t count.

Also, Election Day is tomorrow! And this is my first presidential election that I’ve been old enough to vote in, so that’s pretty awesome!

I sent my ballot in last week!

And here’s a picture of me on my birthday 4 years ago…

My birthday was the day after Obama won then, let’s hope it’s the day before he wins this year! Because a Romney win would basically be the worst belated birthday present ever. Ever.

Which reminds me! I saw this really funny post on Tumblr the other day. Someone’s Facebook status was, “If Romney wins this election, I’m leaving this country. If Obama wins, I will also leave the country. By the way…this post has nothing to do with politics, I just plan on traveling soon.”

That’s perfect!

I can now truthfully say that if Romney wins, I’m leaving the country before he gets sworn in!

It really is the little things.

So yeah…goodbye childhood. Hello adulthood. Doesn’t 20 just sound so old??? Ew.

Excuse me while I go console myself with a Peppermint Mocha in a Christmas Starbuck cup instead of an alcoholic beverage. And listen to my Christmas Pandora station.

Way better!


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