So a lot of things have happened at the end of last week into this weekend that I feel need to be discussed:

1. I randomly dyed my hair red. Because let’s be honest… if Mitt Romney is elected president in a little over a week, who knows what I will and will not be able to do with my own body anymore?

2. So the NHL lockout is officially extended through November 30th and there will be no full season. Seriously?? I’m not even mad at the league anymore…it’s all the NHLPA. Stop being greedy bastards! I’m barely going to get to see any of the season now (if there is one at all)! I just hope I get to catch the Playoffs still, but who knows if that will actually happen. I’m so upset.

3. BU had 3 winning hockey games this weekend. Two by the women (who are now #2 in the country!!) and one by the men. And of an even bigger note: Matt O’Connor has now started winking at the Dog Pound every time we chant “Sexy Goalie!” This seriously makes my life so much better!

4. This weekend was absolutely gorgeous and I could not get enough of the beautiful fall foliage! Boston, you’re gorgeous!

This is my backyard…

I was hoping to get more good fall foliage photos before Sandy rips all the leaves off of everything, but it was cloudy and not as pretty after I got out of our hockey game Saturday afternoon. I guess I’ll have to wait until next year!

5. I had the coolest costume I’ve done since 4 years ago when my and my friends did Sarah Palin, Hillary Clinton, and Barack Obama.

I introduce you to the Mystery Gang!

Unmasking our monster…

Those meddling kids!

6. Football yesterday!!?? I lost YEARS off my life. Years. That Giants/Cowboys game was ridiculous. The Giants are truly the most exciting and stressful football team to watch. We won by 3 FINGERS!!! Byrant’s. Three. Fingers. I actually felt really bad for him…


But after this they managed to hold them off for the remaining 16 seconds and all was right again in the world. Except for the fact that our defense gave up 24 unanswered points after taking an early 23-0 lead. But hey…the score after 60:00 minutes of play is all that matters. Thankfully!

And even though we missed a lot of touchdown opportunities (I believe Romo threw about the same amount of Giants touchdown passes as Manning) Eli still managed to get the boys down the field when it counted for at least a field goal.

Every time.

And regardless of the bumps along the way, we still got our revenge for Opening Day. On to the Steelers next week!

Oh yeah, and the Patriots won. But no one in London cares about football. And no one cares about the Rams. So that game was basically irrelevant. Moving on.

7. NO SCHOOL TODAY!! Too bad I didn’t have class today anyway, but it still made me all happy inside like a little kid on a Snow Day. And I get to work from home for my internship so I kind of do get the day off! Too bad my biggest fear in the world is wind. It should be an interesting day. If you need me, I’ll be in my room cowering in the fetal position for the next 2 days

Everyone be safe this week! Look out for Sandy…she’s ruthless!

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