Lulu’s Sweet Shoppe

I finally got to try out a new Boston cupcake place! As you may remember, I have been trying to find the best cupcake in all of Boston so it’s very important for me to keep exploring in the name of journalism. It’s a sacrifice.

I had passed the adorable hot pink Lulu’s Sweet Shoppe in the North End many times, but usually by the time I get to the end of Salem St. I have already stuffed myself full of pasta, carbs and canollis. So I had never gotten the chance to try them. Over the summer I made it my mission to go, but like many other things on my summer bucket list…life got in the way and it just didn’t happen. Lulu’s also used to have not-so-good reviews on Yelp so I was a little skeptical.

Fast forward to a few weekends ago when my mom and her friends were here visiting. My mom is a huge cupcake fanatic so we knew that had to be on the agenda somewhere! I figured since we’d be in the North End anyway at Legal Sea Foods this would be a good chance for me to finally give Lulu’s a shot! I looked on Yelp again and was happy to see that it had jumped up to a solid 4 stars.

So off we went!

After stuffing our face with Legal Sea Foods we made the trek through the beautiful streets of the North End to Lulu’s.


My mom settled with plain vanilla cupcakes and said they were okay, nothing spectacular. One of her friends got the cream-filled chocolate one that looked like a Hostess cupcake and was very pleased with it!


The one I was most excited for was the S’mores cupcake because hello?? I freakin love all things s’mores/toasted marshmallow!


I loved the marshmallow on top, but the rest of the cupcake was just okay. To be honest it tasted more like a chocolate chip muffin than anything. It was good, but not very cupcakey.


The second cupcake I got was the Tiramisu and oh my God was it delicious!


The frosting on top was by the far the best part. It was so light and airy and coffeey. Perfect tiramisu flavor! And luckily it was continued into the filling for the perfect amount of delicious frosting to balance out the kind of average cake part.


The top of the cupcake also had what I’m guessing was a coffee liquor glaze drizzled on the top so it began to soak into the top of the cake. That was also delicious! It made the cake really moist with a lot of flavors in every bite. I was a huge fan.


With my best cupcakes in Boston list as it stands now, this would probably make 4th place. As long as you don’t get plain flavors. Get something with a filling and fancy frosting, you won’t be disappointed!  The cupcakes are also only $2.75, which is very reasonable for Boston. So give it a shot! And let me know what flavors are your favorite! I practically live in the North End so maybe I’ll have to try a few more.

In the name of research.

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