The Tourist Complex

If there’s one thing I hate more than most anything else in Boston, that I have to deal with on a daily basis, that slows me down on my commute from point A to B (not that it takes much, I’m a very fast walker), that annoys me way more easily than I should allow anything to…it’s tourists.

I’m sorry.

And I’m aware that when I go to other cities, I am also a tourist, but at least I make a grand effort to not be a completely obnoxious one.


This is such a simple rule to live by! (I hope) you all already drive on the right side of the road, but maybe you weren’t aware that this rule also expands into sidewalks, stairways, hallways, ANYTHING! Always. walk. on. the. right.

It’s so simple. It makes life so much easier. It’s such common sense. Read it…live by it. Thank you.

Okay, now that I got that off my chest, I’ll move on to the point of this blogpost.

Sometimes..I appear like a tourist.

If you’ve read this blog for any amount of time, you may notice that I like to take pictures. Of everything.

Buildings, the ocean, my food, everything.

But here’s the thing, I generally walk the same route home everyday. But everyday I think it looks especially pretty. So everyday you’ll see me walking through the streets of Boston taking pictures of everything! And I see people staring at me and thinking, “Wow, some dumb tourist who thinks the Pru is the most exciting thing in the world.” And I really want to just be like, “Don’t worry guys…I’ve actually lived here for over 2 years now, I just really liking taking pictures,” but I’m guessing no one really cares.

But I do. Every time I see a tourist stop dead in the middle of the sidewalk to take a picture of whatever idiotic thing they find photo-worthy (I saw two tourists, fanny packs and all, taking each other’s picture in front of one of the shops at Quincy Market the other day. Not of Quincy Market itself…but just them and a craft store in the background. What?) or one of those people who have their video camera out and recording their entire trip (like seriously?? Are you going to watch this video and relive your trip to Boston again and again? I don’t get it) I immediately judge them and get annoyed.

But then I realize that people who see me probably think the exact same things. (Although I am considerate enough not to stop dead in the sidewalk or get in anyone’s way).

I’m the person on the Esplanade who’s climbing through the bushes and nearly falling in the water to get the perfect sunset shot.

I’m the person walking home with her phone permanently in front of her snapping away pictures of everything I see as I continue walking, trying to be discreet.

I’ll often go out of my way to snag the perfect shot.

And sometimes I just don’t know why I take pictures of some things.

I thought all the poor, little, abandoned subways at Lechmere were sad!

I think I took this out of depression. Even though I already have 2 other identical pictures on my phone. (Seriously?? You won’t take a 50/50 deal?! I need my NHL!)

And I like to take a LOT of pictures of food!

I went to Zinga frozen yogurt a lot over the summer. And I’m pretty sure I took a picture of my bowl every single time.

Even when it’s not even remotely interesting to look at. I have a problem.

I even take pictures of dining hall food. Like all the time. This is probably where most of the weird looks come from.

Also…I found this on my phone…

I don’t even know. What is wrong with me?

So yeah, moral of this post. Before you start judging that tourist taking pictures of EVERYTHING, look for signs of fanny packs, or them stopping in the middle of the sidewalk, or WALKING ON THE LEFT HAND SIDE! Because if they are doing none of these things…then it’s probably just some Bostonian who just really likes to take pictures.

Stop judging me!


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