Beautiful sunset walks home

So why haven’t I been walking home along the Esplanade every night??

I usually walk through the city  because I think it goes by faster that way. And sometimes I just need to stop at the library anyway to return a book. (Or Payless to return the millions of shoes that I impulse buy and then decide that I don’t want/need and immediately bring back.)

And sometimes I walk down a less popular street so I can listen to my iPod and mouth along to the words with only a minimal amount of people seeing me and judging me.

But the other day I was walking home and just happened to catch a glimpse of the river in a perfect clearing of buildings, cars and trees and thought…why not walk home on the Esplanade?

Well, what a genius idea! It was so beautiful and peaceful and I didn’t even need my iPod to entertain me because there’s just so much to look at (and look out for…seriously, keep your eyes peeled or you will get taken out by a bicyclist, rollerblader, or worse).

And now I’m made at myself for only having discovered this now because now I only have a handful of weeks left before 5 o’clock becomes prime rape and murder time on the Eplanade as the sun begins to set sooner and sooner.

But alas, it is still safely lit on my way home. And stunningly beautiful due to the setting sun.

So of course I took lots of pictures because, well…you know me.

So all the time I saved not having to wait for traffic in crosswalks and such, I wasted in stopping every two seconds to take pictures. But totally worth it.







Next time I need to remember to bring my real camera because these were all taken with the crappy camera on my phone.

Have a great weekend everybody! Try to catch the sunset for yourself!


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