Legal Sea Foods

If you live anywhere in New England, I would imagine you have been to a Legal Sea Foods before. And if you haven’t…what is wrong with you?? Go right now!

And if you’re a college student, take some advice from me, and wait until your family comes to visit you and then suggest that you go there because it is way out of a college student’s budget!

I went last weekend when my mother was here visiting. It’s definitely a place you want to visit if you’re coming to Boston for the first time. And I usually don’t say that about chain restaurants, but you don’t get much better seafood than seafood from a restaurant that is right on the harbor! (And next to the aquarium…haha just kidding).

Even though it’s pretty pricey, you definitely get what you pay for! The food is delicious and seafood lovers everywhere will definitely be able to find something they love on this huge menu!

Me and my mom started off with the Clam Chowder, of course, and it never disappoints! And I LOVE their oyster crackers!! (Okay, I love all oyster crackers, but these are especially good).

My mom’s friend got the Hot Lump Crab Dip with “Seafood Chips.” Now, I’m not exactly sure what a seafood chip is, but they were really good! And not made out of seafood. Talk about a misnomer.

The dip, however, I wasn’t too crazy about. I just didn’t think it had much flavor, but it could have been because the chips had a lot of delicious seasoning on them and they overpowered the crab taste.

The lovely ladies across the table.

Me and mama.

Now for an entree I decided to go with one of the daily specials, Grilled Swordfish over Lobster and Butternut Squash Risotto. I was hesitant to get it at first because I knew it would be huge and it was almost $30 but my mother said, and I quote, “YOLO.” Oh how I regret the day that I taught her what YOLO meant.

But anyway, as annoying as that phrase is, it is extremely true so I went with the special and man was I glad I did!

The grilled swordfish was good; it had a really nice chargrilled taste, but it was nothing spectacular. It was a huge chunk of fish though! This picture makes it look a lot smaller than it actually was. I also could have done without the cranberry topping. It was too bitter for me and I’m just not a cranberry sauce person in general. The pecans were delicious though!

But let’s talk about that risotto…Oh my god I love risotto! But because of this I have become quite the risotto snob (I blame BU, because they make some 5-star restaurant quality risotto in the dining hall!) This risotto definitely passed in my book! They definitely didn’t skimp on the lobster, there were plenty of big chunks, however I only had a couple of pieces of squash, but the lobster’s the important part. I scarfed it right down! But wasn’t able to finish the huge chunk of swordfish.

My mom went with a more traditional lunch and got the Crab Meat Roll with cole slaw and jalepeño cheddar polenta on the side.

I highly recommend this dish!! It may not be as pretty as the lobster roll, but I honestly think it tastes just as good and it’s a good $10 cheaper depending on what season you go. It’s the perfect lunch and the buttered rolls are too die for!! I know New England is all about the lobster rolls, but save your money…this is seriously just as delicious!

I was excited when she decided to go with the polenta for the side because I really wanted to try it, but it was pretty disappointing. There was no jalepeño taste whatsoever, and it was overall just pretty bland.

It was a great meal overall! Of course, I was already full by the end of the chowder, but I powered through. And then we ended up rolling out of there and took a nice long stroll through the North End to walk it off. (And get some dessert of course, but that’s to come a little later!)

I hope everyone has had a wonderful week so far…it’s almost Halloween!!! And I actually have a costume! Can’t wait!



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