A Sunny Saturday on the Esplanade

So Saturday was the Boston vs. New York Food Truck Showdown in Dewey Square. So obviously I had to go! But I must say, I was pretty disappointed. By the time I got there (around 3) it was at least a half an hour wait for every truck…and there were about 12 of them. No thanks. There is no food that is worth waiting half an hour to BUY!

I was also under the impression that there were going to be cooking challenges and such too between the two cities, but none of that was going on when I was there either. It was very poorly advertised because it told about all these events, but not what times they were going to be held. So I guess if I had happened to show up at the correct time between 11am and 9pm, I would’ve gotten to see a good show, but anyway. At least I saved some money and got a good walk in.

Because it was BEAUTIFUL on Saturday! Perfect weather! The sun was shining, the leaves were changing, and it was a crisp 50 degrees. The perfect autumn day in the city.

On my way home I swung through the Garden…

And then I continued my walk down Beacon when I saw a glimpse of the esplanade to my right and thought Duh! Why am I not walking home along the river?? So I crossed the next bridge over Storrow and enjoyed a beautiful walk home. Taking probably an extra 20 minutes because I had to stop and take pictures every time I saw something beautiful (which was often). Enjoy.

The leaves are a-changin!

I have an obsession with catching the red line going across this bridge. So be warned, if you’re ever with me, I will whip out my phone or camera as fast as I can if I see it!

Twas a beautiful day. And I hope you all got to enjoy it as well, wherever you are! Have a great week!


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