BU Men’s Hockey Season Opener

That, my friends, is a view that I had dearly missed! Every year I re-realize how much I am absolutely in love with hockey season. There’s no better way to spend a Friday or Saturday night, I don’t care what you say! This game made me realize a few things, however:

  • I’m really angry at the NHL, because I miss my Bruins even more now!
  • I really don’t want to go to Spain next semester because I will miss the Beanpot and Playoffs.
  • College hockey goalies must have to go through a screening where all the good-looking ones get through. (I won’t mention the fact that he’s a freshman).
  • And I dare anyone to find a better student section in all of college sports than our very own Dog Pound. I dare you. I bet no other college sporting event in the country has nearly 40% of its stands filled with just current students. And that’s not even taking into account the passion and dedication that every single one of us has for our team. It is truly a wonderful thing to be apart of.

Like I said…no better way to spend your Saturday night than with a thousand of your closest friends. Always cheering for the same thing.

Especially when we win. Ohhhh winning is fun!

Last night we took the game 4-2 against the Friars with a perfect last goal to solidify the win just seconds after the Providence goalie, Gillies, decided to head for the bench to give them the man advantage. What he failed to notice was that at that moment, BU had gained possession in our defensive end and Ben Rosen chipped the puck up and over toward the empty net as an arena of 4,000+ fans watched as it trickled into the net. Perfection.

And O’Connor did an excellent job holding the Friars off by not allowing a single goal in the third period, preventing them from tying it up. Oh, and did I mention he’s gorgeous?

And speaking of gorgeous, there’s this…

This, my friends, is Mr. Sean Escobedo (Scooby) making one of the most epic checks in the history of college hockey. Take a look at the Providence guy. Why yes, he is in fact upside down. It was pretty freakin cool!

So overall, a fantastic night at Agganis Arena and I am so excited to see what this young team has in store for us over the next few months.

And there’s no way I’d rather spend it than with my band family and the Dog Pound. There are a TON of freshmen this year, both in band and the Dog Pound and it was awesome to see how much enthusiasm they brought to the game. It’s going to be a great year!

There’s Rhett the Terrier cheering on our Drum Line.

And one of my other most favorite things about hockey season…free swag!!

Go Terriers!!

And side note: The Giants won and blew out a team that they probably shouldn’t even have beaten and the Patriots loss a game that they should’ve had in the bag thanks to a fourth quarter choke by Mr. Brady. It was a happy, happy weekend in the sports life of Nicole.

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