Duck Boat Tour #3

Yes, I have been on 3 Duck Boat rides. Did I mention I’m obsessed with touristy things?

I mean you’re in a road vehicle…that goes in the water. Who would not love that?? You don’t need to be 12 to enjoy this, trust me on that. You can also have lived in Boston all your life and I’m pretty sure you would learn something new every single time. I know I have.

And you never know which boat or conducktor you’re going to get! (We got the purple one this time…YAY!!! And I got the gay pride one last year. My two favorites!)

Aren’t we perty??

This is another one of my favorites, but not lately…

Also our boat was named North End Norma, which is my favorite Boston neighborhood…we were just mean to be.



We were surrounded by sailboats, it was very pretty!


I remember learning a lot of new things, but of course now I can’t remember anything. You’ll just have to go on one yourself and find out. I’m such a good spokesperson.


Have a good Thursday!


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