Bon Me food truck

It’s no secret that I love food trucks. I could eat nothing but them for the rest of my life. So it’s saying something to say that a truck is my favorite. But I think I’m willing to make that kind of commitment with Bon Me. I think I’ve chosen Bon Me every single time I’ve gone to the SoWa Open Market. In fact, the very first time I ever tried it was at SoWa over a year ago. Usually every time I go I get the brown rice bowl with tofu and shitake mushrooms.

It’s my favorite! The tofu and mushrooms are delicious! Even if you don’t like tofu (or just assume you don’t because you’ve never tried it) you should give this a chance! It doesn’t taste like tofu at all..they cook it so perfectly and it just tastes like their amazing soy saucy sauce. (Yes, I just said saucy sauce).

I finally tried something new off their menu this summer when I went there. But only because it was 85 degrees and humid as all hell and I had walked the 2 and a half miles there so there was no way in hell I was getting a hot rice bowl. I settled on the noodle bowl, but sadly they did not have any rice noodles (which I love) left so I had to settle with soba. And I stuck with the tofu and mushrooms because I wasn’t ready for that much change!

I got it with the Vietnamese vinaigrette and it was perfectly refreshing on a hot day. It definitely wasn’t as good as the rice bowl though, but still delicious and obviously the tofu was exactly the same.

So when I finally got to take my mother there on Sunday, I decided to be completely crazy and try the Bahn Mi sandwich with the special Miso-Braised Pulled Pork. I’m wild woman. And you know what, I was definitely not disappointed!

The baguette alone was to die for, it was so crispy and yummy. The kind that crumbles all over the place and gets all over your clothes and in your hair. Worth it though! And that pulled pork…yum! I could have eaten in plain with a spoon.

I also finally tried one of their beverages. We got the Thai Basil Lemonade. It was interesting. I don’t think I would get it again, but it was nice to try it once. The herby taste in my drinks just wasn’t for me. It was refreshing though.

My mother went with the Rice Noodle Bowl with the tofu and shitakes with Toasted Sesame dressing.


I loved it! Especially since I love rice noodles. My mom wasn’t crazy about it, but I think she at least liked it. I guess you just have to have a taste for ethnic food. And apparently I really like Vietnamese food.

So yeah…having tried nearly everything on the menu now, I can officially claim Bon Me to be my favorite food truck in Boston. But since I have tried everything on their menu, I should really start branching out and trying other trucks that I haven’t had yet. But I tend to always stick to the things I know I will love. Or better yet…I should stop going to food trucks until the summer since I’m on a meal plan and need to be saving up for Madrid.

Hah…good one Nicole.

Worth noting: I, of course, order every single thing I get from Bon Me with NO CILANTRO! I like my Vietnamese food to not taste like soap. This is all.


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