Sundays at SoWa Open Market

So guess what?

It’s Monday. AND still the weekend! That means the worst part of the week just disappeared. Of course, tomorrow will technically be Monday, but then it’ll skip right to Wednesday, so whatever way you look at it, this whole 3 day weekend deal is pretty sweet! I do have work today and tomorrow, but I still get to sleep in until almost noon both days so yay me!

As I mentioned before, my mommy came to visit me this weekend! Unfortunately she couldn’t stay through today, but I did get two days (and three days worth of eating) with her! And the rain held out for us which was quite nice of it. Two of her friends also came along so I had a lot of fun showing them all around Boston and forcing them to walk the miles and miles that I’m used to on the weekends. Them? Not so much.

I don’t think I killed them too much though. And we definitely needed it to work off all that food! The best part about your parents coming to visit you at college!

Yesterday we went to SoWa Open Market so they could experience food trucks (we don’t tend to have those in rural Northern New York) and the farmers market and craft market section are fun too! I also think it’s a pretty walk through the South End to get there and it’s only a 20 minute walk from where we got off the Duck Boat.

My mother and I got Bon Me, which is my FAVORITE food truck in all of Boston I think. And Mary Jo and Sarah got Roxy’s Grilled Cheese, always an excellent, safe choice. I NEED to try their fall melt one of these days! Sweet potatoes, apples, Vermont cheddar AND rosemary infused maple syrup?? Yes please! I will discuss our yummy lunch from Bon Me more tomorrow though.


We found a lot of great things at the Open Market section as well! I didn’t really find anything in the crafts section, but then again I really didn’t need anything. I found a lot of great things in Farmer’s Market section however!


I love the bread company When Pigs Fly! I first discovered them last year when I went to someone’s apartment who worked there and she had a million different loafs that she let us try. They are all so good! My favorite from then was the Savory Cranberry…it literally tasted exactly like Thanksgiving. That’s the only way I can describe it. Last winter when me and my mom went to SoWa I was pleasantly surprised to run into it again and we ended up getting the Spinach, Onion and Garlic Ciabatta after sampling a million different flavors. You guys don’t even understand how delicious this bread is.


This time we went a more sweet route and got the Maple Walnut Banana. Oh. My. God. It is so good! Me and my mom split in half and I’ll be amazed if my half is still around by the end of today.


Mary Jo ended up getting three different loaves: Red Pepper Hummus with Sesame Seeds and Garlic (ummm Yum!), Sicilian Green Olive and Hot Cherry Peppers, and Whole Wheat Honey Nut with Apricots and Dates. So good.


It’s a good thing I’m too cheap to go to the store in Brookline or I would probably die of carb overload. These would be a great idea for Christmas presents and stuff too. I’m pretty sure my mom froze slices of the one we got last winter so it would last longer. You can also order them online and ship them anywhere, they’ll even send them to you “par-baked” so you can bake them up fresh yourself when you’re ready for them. Genius. And these are so versatile! You could eat them as toast, dipped in olive oil, just a side with dinner, or how I have been the past 24 hours…just ripping chunks off and shoving them down my throat.

So continuing with the theme of delicious foods…we got dessert from a little place called Rolling in the Dough.


After seeing Mary Jo’s, I was convinced to get the chocolate covered coconut macaroons! It was definitely worth the $2 price tag! And really good quality chocolate.


Very, very sweet though, but amazing.

I hope everyone is having an excellent second Sunday, and I’m sorry if you’re stuck working anyway like me, but oh well. It’s practically already the weekend again! Sometimes I love my logic.

Happy Columbus Day!


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