Is it over yet?

One more game. That’s all. So close.

But seriously? 10-2. A 14th inning loss? Why couldn’t we have forfeited the season a month ago?

I’m praying for a miracle tonight. If you can hear me, Red Sox Gods, please take note.

One win. That’s all I ask for.

The Yankees have the rest of October to look forward to.

We have tonight. And then it’s all over. 162 games. 92/93 of them ending in disappointment. 67%.

If we could end tonight with a miracle win against the Yankees, then at least we could head into what is sure to be a hellish offseason with some semblance of dignity.

Completely humiliate the Yankees in their own park…there’s no better way to end a season than that.

So if you hear me sports Gods…listen up! You let the Pats win this weekend. You couldn’t give Tynes an extra 5 yards on his would-be winning field goal. You took away the NHL! You owe me this.

It’s been fun Bobby V. Have a nice life!


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