Football Sunday Woes

Oh you Patriots fans…so ecstatic that you won last night and beat the Bills. The Bills. How cute! How proud you must be!

Okay, I’m sorry…I’m just a little bitter.

Just a little.

Thanks a lot Barden! They took a chance on you by throwing you the ball instead of just letting Tynes do his thing from 44 yards out, and you take that opportunity and do something really stupid that you KNEW would cost us 10 yards! Gah!

I still think the Giants should have gone for it with 15 seconds left. I know that’s stupid, but I think it was a better option than a 54-yard field goal. Not that Tynes isn’t absolutely amazing! I mean, it was right down the freakin middle…just a couple of yards short!! Heartbreaking. But anywho. There’s always next week.

And my best friend who’s an Eagles fan is currently in London so I don’t have to hear about it all day today. So there’s that.

But the worst thing about this weekend? The Bills being SO CLOSE! Last year it was the opposite where the Bills were getting crushed in the first half and then miraculously (there are 2 L’s in miraculously? I don’t believe you spell check!) came back and murdered the Patriots, but not so much this time. It looked promising at first, but then the Bills started being the Bills and Tom Brady…well, yeah.

Not only do I despise the Patriots, but my mother is also a huge Bills fan (God bless her soul) so I was really pulling for them.

It was a really good game though until the 4th quarter. The announcers were cracking me the heck up! With the first of two missed field goals by Gostkowski, they quickly switched to a reaction shot from Belichick and said, “He’s not arguing whether this was a missed field goal or not.”

And then when the Patriots had a nice interception against the Bills, the announcers struck again with, “You know, there was a time when that would be considered a simultaneous catch.”

Oh, they kill me.

But it was reallyreally nice to have the real refs back again! (Even though the replacements might have missed the pass interference call on Barden.)

Football is as it should be and everything is again right with the world.

Except for the Giants.


The Eagles?? Really, Giants?

How come we don’t get two freebies against the Bills every year?

(sorry mom)



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2 responses to “Football Sunday Woes

  1. jumpingpolarbear

    Some of the games so far this season have been crazy close. They all could have gone one way or the other, but a little luck and steady nerves are the things that matter in the end :).

    • Nicole

      Yeah I agree, there have been a lot of close games already this season! Especially yesterday. It usually just comes down to some stupid mistake or penalty in the end. But at least these mistakes are coming from the players and not the replacement refs =P

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