Mei Mei Street Kitchen

Oh how I have missed food trucks! And missing food trucks makes me miss summer! Not that the food on BU’s campus isn’t delicious, but I miss being able to go out to eat and try all the different cafes, restaurants and food trucks around Boston. I can’t justify doing this anymore now that I’m on a dining plan. Sad times. BUT luckily, I forgot to bring lunch to my internship the other day and happily was forced to eat out at a food truck.

Mei Mei Street Kitchen to be exact.

I’ve seen Mei Mei’s everywhere, but had never ventured to try it before. I had heard really good things though and I love that they get all of their ingredients from local farms and humanely raised animals. Nothing beats fresh and local food! And for this reason, their menu changes every single day (with a few regular items) based on what they have available. And their Twitter page is awesome at keeping the public informed and posting a picture of that day’s menu.

So when I found out that they were in City Hall Plaza on Mondays, I headed over there at lunchtime, stomach growling ready to try some delicious Chinese-American fare.

I looked them up on Yelp first because I like reading reviews and seeing what past customers recommend and everyone seemed to LOVE their Double Awesome Sandwich.

Double Awesome Sandwich, it was!

This was a scallion pancake sandwich (if you’ve never had plain scallion pancakes before, you need to reevaluate your life choices because they are THE most delicious Chinese food ever!) with two poached eggs, Vermont cheddar cheese and spring green pesto.

I’ll admit, I didn’t really know what to expect because I’d never had anything like it before, but I was pleasantly surprised. The flavors mixed perfectly together, and the scallion pancakes were just as amazing as all scallion pancakes are, only these ones were thick enough to support the entire sandwich. Yum!

Make sure you grab lots of napkins though, and eat if over your tray or you’ll get egg yolk and pesto everywhere. It was messy, but it is one delicious mess!

It was also served with a spicy ketchup sauce on the side, which tasted like…well, ketchup. I wasn’t really impressed. I make it a point to always try the sauces that food places give you with their food assuming they know what flavors go best with that dish, but I was pretty disappointed with this. It’s just ketchup and it didn’t add to the sandwich at all. I would leave it in its little closed container if I were you.

But overall, I highly recommend this. The ingredients are fresh and delicious and mesh very well together. If you’re not a very adventurous eater, this might not be your thing, but they have beef stews and pork sandwiches and such on their menu too! So give it a shot! Try something different and unique for lunch. I didn’t regret it, and you won’t either.

I’ve seen Porky Rice Balls on their menu in the past and I really want to try them, so I guess I’ll have to “forget” my lunch again sometime and return for something different.

Bon appétit!

And as an added bonus, take your food to the Greenway and eat it there. Absolutely gorgeous!


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