Another Tuesday Night at Fenway

I know I should’ve let the last game I went to be the last one of this pathetic season. So I could’ve ended it with watching the Red Sox beating the Yankees in the bottom of the 9th.

But alas, when someone gives me tickets to a Red Sox game I just can’t turn it down. Especially one of the last home games of the season. So I went. And cheered for the Red Sox on the outside, and kind of wanted the Rays to win on the inside just because they still have a chance to beat the Yankees. So I’m not too upset by the outcome.

And I went with one of my very good friends who didn’t really know anything about baseball at all…so I was thoroughly entertained throughout the entire thing.

“Wait, so if they throw 4 balls, does he actually get to walk to first base?”

Ohhh dear. Shaking my head.

At least I got her into a Red Sox shirt, seeing as she’s from New York City!

The really cool thing, though, was that right before the game, they did a special tribute to the 2004 World Series champion team. There was a nice nostalgic recap video which made me think back to my 11-year-old self begging my mom to let me stay up late to watch the games (which she wouldn’t agree too…or maybe I would just always fall asleep anyway…the details don’t matter).

I remember the disappointment of falling behind 3 games to none. Me and the one other Red Sox fan in my Northern New York high school were the laughing stocks of the school.

But we never stopped wearing our Red Sox stuff day after day after day.

And then something happened. I’d like to give myself some credit for this because I recall a phone call with my aunt the night of Game 4 where we both predicted that we would come back and win the next 4 games.

And guess what?

I slept through Game 4. Only to wake up the next morning to my mom shaking me saying guess what happened?? Ortiz had saved the day with a walk-off homer in the 12th after an RBI by Mueller in the bottom of the 9th to tie it up.

I also slept through Game 5. Only to wake up the next morning and guess what? Big Papi again. This time in the 14th.

Game 6 was less exciting, but still unbelievable.

And I did somehow manage to stay up for Game 7 and watch Damon hit the grand slam that all but solidified our place in the World Series.

And then it got kind of boring. I didn’t even watch the actual World Series. Beating the Yankees was better than the championship.

Ahhh, memories.

So yeah,  the whole team (well those who could come) rolled in in the Duck Boats (as they were the last time we saw them all together) and paraded around the outside of the field. It was pretty cool. The World Series trophy was there too. And they were throwing out free baseballs galore, but unfortunately we were too far back to nab any.

See the big Sox mural in the middle of the field?? Yeah, it took me 4 innings to notice that. And when you say “Hey, look at the pair of socks in the middle of the field!” people start looking for something totally different than what you are actually trying to point out.

It was very cool. The only real exciting thing about the night, but hey. I still had a good time. You always do at Fenway.

Oh, and of course I got a pretzel…

Because I refuse to go to any sporting event without getting a soft pretzel.

Oh, and of course this happened:

Always my favorite part!

So there it is…second to last home game of the season. And oh what an interesting season it has been. If you had told me a year and a month ago that I would be at a Red Sox game against the Rays in the last week of September and it wouldn’t mean a damn thing, I probably wouldn’t have believed you. But alas. It’s been real, Red Sox. Get your crap together over the off-season and let’s start over with a clean slate, alright?

And dear replacement refs, without the Red Sox infuriating New England fans almost every night as well, all eyes are now solely on you.


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