MBTA Bucket List

An MBTA Bucket List.

That’s a thing, right? Because it should be.

In fact, I challenge everyone in Boston to create their own MBTA Bucket List and complete it before you die, or before you move out of Boston, or next weekend! I don’t care!

Here’s how it works…very simple: all you have to do is ride every single inch of the subway system. (Except the Silver Line because as I said, I’m pretty certain it doesn’t actually exist). And that’s it! I’m talking Green Line (B,C,D, and E Lines!), the Red Line (including that weird Mattapan express-line thing), the Blue Line (make sure you go during the hours that Bowdoin station is open, don’t make him feel left out!), and the Orange Line.

It’s not that daunting, is it?

So I created my bucketlist at the beginning of this summer and thought that I could do it all in one summer, but alas…life got in the way. And then I realized that this isn’t something you can simply tackle in a small amount of time. My new goal is before I graduate, but even that I’m not so sure. We’ll see.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: ‘You’re telling me to ride the T…for fun? Deal with the giant stress-ball that is the MBTA just for kicks? You’re crazy!’

But hear me out.

It’s actually really relaxing! No, seriously! Just don’t go during rush hour if that’s not your thing. Go on the weekend with your boyfriend or girlfriend. Take the kids on Columbus Day when you have nothing else to entertain them with! Seriously…little kids LOVE the subway! Or if you’re just having a stressful day, hop on the T after work, head over to the Orange Line, bring a really good book and just ride! Or even just throw your iPod in and enjoy the scenery! And the Orange Line is seriously always empty! I was on it the other day from 4:30-5:45pm, prime rush hour, and I had a whole row almost to myself for basically the entire journey! And there were a million Orange Line trains that kept going by!! What the hell, MBTA?? Save money by cutting half of those out and add 20 more B Line trains [okay, okay the C and D can have a couple more too]. It was a rather pretty ride actually. I enjoyed the scenery on the way North to Oak Grove…a part of Boston I’d never seen before.

And you have no idea how liberating it is to ride the street-level sections of the Green Line when you’re not actually going anywhere! You don’t have to keep staring at your watch and sighing loudly because it’s taking FOREVER. You don’t have to roll your eyes when people ring the bell for every. single. stop. when they’re only a block apart. You get to see all the cool neighborhoods. And it’s completely stress-free!

(And if you’re feel super adventurous…venture out to Cleveland Circle and walk around (Roxy’s Grilled Cheese is stationed over there a lot)! Hop off at Boston College and walk around the Chestnut Hill Reservoir! Take a stroll along Riverside and see whatever the heck is over there!

So as of right now..this is where my MBTA Bucket List stands: (bolded is what I have completed)

Green Line:

  • Kenmore-Lechmere
  • B-Line
  • C-Line (only to Coolidge Corner)
  • D-Line (only to Longwood)
  • E-Line (to be honest, it scares me)

Red Line:

  • Park Street-Alewife
  • Park Street-Braintree (only to Quincy Adams..so close!!)
  • Park Street-Ashmont
  • Mattapan Line

Blue Line:

  • Government Center-Wonderland
  • Bowdoin (Grrr…one of these days I’ll find an excuse to go here!)

Orange Line:

  • North Station-Oak Grove
  • North Station-Forest Hills (Yay! One whole line complete! And it only took me an hour and a half!)

Silver Line

  • ?????

And if you’re feeling very adventurous, you could resolve to visit every station! Or you could go get a hobby because that would literally take 27 years! But hey…in the dead of winter after the Red Sox are long gone into their hole of embarrassment, the Bruins are all in Europe and junior leagues because of the NHL lockout, and all you Patriots fans are realizing that Brady really isn’t the second-coming of God and is actually well past his prime, there may be nothing else to do but just that.

Have a great weekend everybody!

Any experienced T-riders out there? How much have you covered?


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