Okay, I’m convinced I’m dying.

Somebody call Guinness and ask what the world record is for longest cold. It seriously can’t be this long! My head is exploding! Maybe this is from that time I got a chunk of skin ripped off my foot on the T at the end of the summer. That would took forEVER to heal and now I’m really starting to think that I did contract some kind of rare disease. Stop the madness!

So yeah…I’ve been a little out of commission for awhile, but I’ve still been trying to have all sorts of fun. Last Thursday was Lobster night at BU (luckily, I still had my sense of taste on Thursday) where every single student gets a big fat lobster for dinner (with a baked potato and [disgusting] corn on the cob of course!). It really is the highlight of the year. Yay BU Dining!

Everyone say hello to my friend Lucic. Yes, Lucic the lobster. Is the NHL lockout over yet???

We had a grand old time together Thursday night! Okay, that’s a lie. It started out all fine and dandy until I got to the torso part. I tried. And I got way farther than I did last year, but it is just so wrong. And so gross! I can’t do it. I couldn’t do it. But his claw and tail meat was DElicious!

Poor Lucic…he never even stood a chance.

Anyway, it was absolutely delicious! Even after stuffing my face with the new Pinkberry at BU all day long. (You should work at a Pinkberry…training is fun!)

In other news, I am loving my internship! And loving the necessary mile walk through the North End every day to get to the T and back. The sun is always setting gorgeously on my way home!

That’s in Quincy Market. And you all know how much I love sunset pictures, but I will limit myself to only two.

This was taken from Copley after an event one night. It was way prettier in person!

Anywho, I hope you are all having a fantastic end of summer/beginning of fall! Yay fall! Yay for it not being 99 degrees with 99% humidity 24/7! Yay for snuggling up with my comforter again!

I wish you all the best of luck in not getting this deadly cold I have! (At least not until the middle of winter when everyone’s actually supposed to get a cold)

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